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Stitched Up Heart

Mixi formed Stitched Up Heart in the aftermath of a not so desirable forced solo gig with Geffen Records as a result of her winning a Fuse TV reality show, Redemption Song in 2008. Mixi prefers to be fronting a band and only did a single and video for Geffen. If you haven’t heard Mixi and her band which is comprised of James Decker on drums, Meritt Goodwin on bass, Luke Man on guitar (and are currently in discussion about adding a second guitarist) they are far from the pop princess that Geffen wanted her to be.

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KillSET Official Release “Cold Victim”

Killset is pleased to announce the official release of their new video “Cold Victim” a track off their album “Know Your Killer”

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Era 9 – New Era In Music

We wanted something that meant something else, that would stand. Era 9 came about by brainstorming and about creating a new era of music

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Our music sucks for other bands because it rules their faces off… I like it because its not all hell for leather.

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The Chimpz Official Video “Right To Left”

L.A. Rap Metallers “The Chimpz” are excited to release the video for “Right to Left” which many have heard on Season 7, Episode 2 of “Sons of Anarchy”!

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Ada Lyssy Interview

I started working with Alan Hunynh from King Finn for playing live acoustic duos and we’re starting to write originals. He’s a great guitar player and we work really well together so this is a great step in our music relationship.