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SKUMLOVE Interview

I wanna get this album out and get people moving. I want to stir it up a bit. Piss people off again. Play some great shows, and have fun doing it!

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Alternative Rock band The Amatory Murder have released a music video “The Deadliest Rose” off of their upcoming album Neurotica, which is set to release this fall. The track is available for purchase now on Bandcamp.

Click HERE To Purchase “The Deadliest Rose”
About The Amatory Murder
The Amatory Murder is an alternative rock band founded by Christian ’Xian’ Peppas in Brooklyn, New York. Peppas along with guitarist Jake ‘Motormouth’ Haimowitz, bassist Fox and drummer Scott Genoveseemploy a variety of foundational sounds utilizing synthetic atmospheres, piano and programmed beat arrangements. Mixed with organic drums, heavy guitars and catchy hooks, the tracks are then topped …

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Teaming up with the hottest emerging Hip Hop artists brought LA EDM Producer Earbutter on the radar, but it’s his polished production that put him on theirs, and nowhere is this showcased better than on his newest release with Young Dro, Amir Herron, and Ricky Raw, “Gas Price”.  Equal parts dance floor energy and urban sexy, “Gas Light” is perfectly timed for hot Halloween parties, so grab your copy FREE!

Earbutter set the tone with his first dubstep release on UltraGore with WeBang. “All Up In That” which broke the Top 10 on Beatport …

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Tucson, Arizona based Rap Rock band MeltDown have released the official music video for their track “Trust Fall” from their upcoming debut album ‘No Filter‘ due out in early 2017. The video was filmed in Phoenix, AZ by Irin Daniels of Marmera Films, and the song was recorded & mixed by Matt Good of Good Studios in Phoenix AZ.

“Trust Fall” is a strong statement about putting all of the faith in the world in someone else’s hands. A trust you carry to your grave. – Mike Prince (Vocals)
About MeltDown:
MeltDown is a hot new multi-genre band, quickly rising through the flourishing Arizona music scene. This group is comprised of members …

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Metalcore artists Attraction To Tragedy have released a lyric video for their track “Graven Image” from their upcoming album ‘Passion Over Fashion’ was released today.
‘Passion Over Fashion’ was produced by Jim Fogarty (All That Remains, Shadow’s Fall) and Joe Cocchi (Within The Ruins) and features both producers playing bass and guitars on the album. Passion also features Kevin McGuill (Within The Ruins) on drums. The album is meant to prove that music should matter first and foremost over any fashion trends that are prominent in the music world today.
Purchase ‘Passion Over Fashion’ on iTunes Now
About Attraction To Tragedy
“Although I love the reaction it’s always …

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International Industrial band Army of the Universe has released their highly anticipated 3rd studio album, 1999 & The Aftershow, a diverse selection of neo-industrial, rave inspired tracks showcasing the trio’s eclectic blend of ingenious creativity and polished production skills.

“We built 1999 & The Aftershow on modern sound design with inspiration from the dark wave, industrial, and underground scenes; we believe it’s our most diverse album to date.” – Army Of The Universe

Track List
1. 1999
2. Down Till Dusk
3. Another Escape
4. Digital Slag
5. Zeus (My Own Rebel)
6. I Lost My Sound
7. The …