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SKUMLOVE Interview

I wanna get this album out and get people moving. I want to stir it up a bit. Piss people off again. Play some great shows, and have fun doing it!

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Joey Sturgis Tones,​ developers of audio processing tools for non-technical music creators, introduce Tominator. Tominator is a plugin intended to treat cymbal bleed commonly found in close-mic drum recordings. While the plugin was designed with treating cymbal bleed in tom tracks as its name would suggest, the plugin can also be applied to other percussive elements with similar results.
Tominator uses a unique, filter-based approach to treat cymbal bleed. Built on advanced, adjustable filter automation – users are able to treat bleed in a more natural approach than gating. This approach solves …

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Pacific Northwest native Warden continues his eclectic journey through the layers of electronic music genres with his newest 3 track EP, Visions via #TSGAllMe. Originally premiered on Paste Magazine, Visions exemplifies the bold young producer’s consistent balancing of genre standards and unique experimentation.
With Visions I wanted to show off the melodic and bright side of myself. I’ve always loved that super hype, almost cheesy ravey, kind of sound. I really wanted to tie that vibe together with bass music. Plus it was a reminder for myself to not take dance music …

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Electronic Dance Music pioneers Lords of Acid have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming, to-be independently released album, Pretty In Kink. Originally conceived by die-hard fan Rocco Corsari, the driving force behind the Lords of Acid Backstage Group, the fundraising campaign places ‘ownership’ of the release with fans rather than a label.
“We’ve always had an amazing relationship with our fans. Thanks to our fans, we’ve been able to do so many outrageous things we never expected to do. They made all of this possible. Our Kickstarter campaign allows …

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There’s nothing quite so fun and glamorous as the iconic flapper look, and vocal newcomer Sisterwife pulls it off with great aplomb in the stunning, #TSGAllMe produced and Tim Hsiung directed music video for Darku J x Styles&Complete “Kick In The Bass”.  The video opens as in a 1920s speakeasy, with the stunning chanteuse dressed to the nines in all white, the high energy track contrasting with the stoic audience and classic choreography, then morphs to cycling between high decadence eras throughout the last century (GOTTA love the 1970s disco to ’90-00s raver grrl), a lone Darku J …

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Minneapolis Rock trio Late Night Fights has released the Official Music Video for “Nothing to Lose”, off of their debut album Jousthouse. Written and Produced by Ryan Guanzon, directed by Rev. John Wheeler, and filmed by Colton Otte, “Nothing to Lose”. The band is currently shooting another video for their single “Saving Face” and working on their next EP which they will be recording with Dan Korneff and James Harley at Sonic Debris Studios in New York next month.

This song is about how much uncertainty is involved when you meet someone, and how the exhilaration can so quickly change to shock. People …