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Gomes quickly avers that Evolution and the material is a departure from the earlier work of (HED) p.e. which was laden with some hardcore punk on one song, to metal and rap on another. That departure and producing an entire album that wasn’t all over the place but with songs all with the same direction…

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The Chimpz Release New Video “California”

When you see this video, you will know exactly where they are coming from and why the have so much love for the State of California

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Betty Moon Interview

Betty Moon on her new album Amourphous, going apeshit and which voice in her head is craziest.

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My Goodness Drummer Andy Lum Interview

Seattle was a great place for harder, more experimental rock and I think that’s probably we put that kind of aggressiveness into our music.

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A Shoreline Dream Vocalist Ryan Policky Interview

It’s like having a sound guy at The Roxy tell you that you can’t use your own mic or he’ll kick you off the stage, moments after having a bum piss on your gear in the back alley while waiting for your turn to play.

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Warped Tour 2014

With 80-something degree weather, asphalt, very little clouds and no wind, it made for a hot and sweaty day. That seems to be the theme of the Denver Vans Warped Tour. It’s a great thing that water stations and food and drink vendors are plentiful!