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Stitched Up Heart

Mixi formed Stitched Up Heart in the aftermath of a not so desirable forced solo gig with Geffen Records as a result of her winning a Fuse TV reality show, Redemption Song in 2008. Mixi prefers to be fronting a band and only did a single and video for Geffen. If you haven’t heard Mixi and her band which is comprised of James Decker on drums, Meritt Goodwin on bass, Luke Man on guitar (and are currently in discussion about adding a second guitarist) they are far from the pop princess that Geffen wanted her to be.

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Downfall 2012 ​is proud to announce that they are now signed up with 3Thirteen​ ​Entertianment Group.​

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If you love makeup, want to sharpen up on your skills and have a really good excuse to buy more makeup then I know you’ll be at the 7th annual Makeup Show Los Angeles March 28th & 29th.

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My Acumen’s Matt Snell Interview on the New Album

We used ten different guitars, ten different amps we make the guitars sound different from each other. Because song is a vibe, each song is a mood.

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Dauzat St. Marie Return to L.A. With ‘Falling Again’

With Dauzat St. Marie, Heather and Mat have harnessed powerful vocals to a timeless rock sound without sounding dated or trite.

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NAMM 2015: A Meeting Of The Masses

NAMM 2015 has come and gone but it’s something people will be talking about for days on end. It is one of the most hectic but entertaining experiences someone in the music industry can experience in their lifetime.