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March 8, 2020 – German Electronic/Synthpop Duo SEA OF SIN present the release of their new single, “Valentine.”  The lyrics of “Valentine” reflect a melancholic mood and deep emotions covering a broken relationship and love story.
“But then came the rain to take it all away
Valentine, there was a time
Between you and me
I thought that you were mine”
For fans of:  New Order, Depeche Mode & Camouflage
Check out the video for “Valentine” HERE:
“Valentine” is already the 5th Single to be released from last year’s successful album Unbroken.  The previous releases all received very good feedback from both fans and media and …

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March 7, 2020 – Belgian industrial act REALITY’S DESPAIR is proud to announce the release of their new full-length release, Melancholic Disposition.
For fans of: Suicide Commando, Evil’s Toy & Terminal Choice
Check out the video for “Like Bootes void” HERE: https://bit.ly/2TwyywQ
While the lyrics deal with societal and human decline, the supernatural, the occult and aliens, musically REALITY’S DESPAIR can be categorised as ebm / dark electro with a strong 90’s feel and with heavily-distorted vocals.
“The album consists of rhythmic tracks that take listeners away in the 90s, when EVIL’S TOY and the early works of the SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS clanked the scene. Elements of Old-school EBM …