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[11 Apr 2016 | No Comment | ]
The Midnight Marionettes Interview

The theme of our first album is the complexity of the human heart. So many complexities are held in a lifetime within our hearts.

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[4 Apr 2016 | No Comment | ]
Public Display of Aggression Interview

We are the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We point a spotlight at the atrocities that hide in business suits.

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[23 Feb 2016 | No Comment | ]


Space rock quintet Sleeptalk (featuring ex-members of Like Giants) has released a new music video for the single “Young”. The song is the title track from the band’s sophomore EP which came out last December and features a collection of dreamy, atmospheric rock songs.

“This song is based off the type of nights when worries are left behind and the only thing to look forward too is the rest of the night,” says vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick. “The kind of night when laughing, drinking, and doing drugs seems as if this is nothing else in …

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[29 Jan 2016 | No Comment | ]
A New Way to Live Forever

Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist, Russ Rogers has one of those magical musical minds where there are constantly songs, music and lyrics filling his head.

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[11 Jan 2016 | No Comment | ]
CELLADOR Interview

The blend of speed and simplicity in the chords (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden) juxtaposing the technicality of dual leads, solos, and rhythm riffs (Megadeth, Slayer, Judas Priest) makes for the CELLADOR blend.

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[8 Dec 2015 | No Comment | ]
DeadAudioSaints Interview

 (By Mary Montgomery) DeadAudioSaints from the United Kingdom perform electronic-rock much like an updated version of InnerPartySystem, but with a bit more punch and attitude.  After only a couple of years in the formation stages of the band, they are already breaking through here in the states and in Europe.  Their single “Forever” is a radio monster waiting to happen and their other songs are no slouches either.  They seem to be clunker-free so far in their writing.  If they keep that up, I think they will be unstoppable.

Please tell me …

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[23 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]
a toi me’SHen vs The Gauntlet Interview

And what would someone say about a guy who slapped around Miss Piggy or Kermit? There is no honor in that (besides, I think that Miss Piggy could probably kick my ass).

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[22 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]
Codec Release New Single “Etiolate”

Denver’s alt-prog powerhouses have released their new monster single “Etiolate” and it is a beast.

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[19 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]
The Spider Hole Interview

Anything is fair game. Nothing is actively mined, but literature and old movies are often fertile sources of inspiration.

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[26 Oct 2015 | No Comment | ]
Plethora Interview

(By  Mary Montgomery) You never know where the next metal monster will come from and if you ever guessed that Mississauga, Ontario, Canada was going to produce something as amazing as Plethora well I would bet you a moose that you were crazy.  But amazing they are and ready to take on the world with devastatingly well crafted songs and vocals Randy Blythe would be proud of.  Hit play on the video on the bottom of this page and prepare for flying face chunks while you read this fine interview …