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An Exclusive Interview with Matt Snell

5 August 2012 3 Comments

(By Groovey) Matt Snell (formerly of Five Finger Death Punch) has spent his post Death Punch days putting together a total monster of a new band currently made up of Zach Broderick from Nonpoint, Darrell Roberts from Five Finger Death Punch and W.A.S.P. and Jeff Fabb from  In This Moment.  The only piece they are missing is a world class singer and if you think you have the chops Mr. Snell would like to speak to you.  Here’s what Matt Snell had to say about the new band (called My Acumen), the new music, and most importantly what they are looking for in the new vocalist and how you can contact them to submit your stellar skills.

Tell me about the new project you have been working on.

Matt Snell:  I basically took a year off after Death Punch and just kicked it and took a break.  Then, I wanted to start another project so I contacted Zach Broderick from Nonpoint, he’s an old friend of mine and he’s a Chicago boy like me, and it turned out that when I was ready to start working on new music he was available so he came out and we started writing.   We were writing like crazy and we wrote like 20 songs all together.  I have a studio in the house: I used to be an engineer instructor so I did all that work in house.  Then, we wanted to get some more people in on the project so we got Darrell Roberts the original guitarist for Death Punch coming in to play some stuff on it and Jeff Fabb the drummer from In This Moment.

Now what’s the vibe and sound of the new band?

Matt Snell:  It’s the end result of all the bands we’ve all been in.  There’s a lot of Death Punch in there, there’s a lot of the other bands I was in before, there’s Nonpoint influences in there, stuff from Darrell and W.A.S.P., and Jeff’s drumming and there’s also everything that we’re  into.  So there’s a Soulfly vibe on the heavier end to Disturbed and plus all the bands we’ve been in so it’s heavy but by no means a death metal album.  It’s real good, it’s rockin’ and we really like it and we’re really proud of it.

You’re on the hunt for a world class singer.  What exactly are you looking for in a vocalist?

Matt Snell:  We have discussed several times wouldn’t it be amazing to find some fresh new talent that you’re not going to discover unless you find a way to get in contact with them.  There’s so many talented people out there but how are you going to meet them?  We talked a long time ago about what we are looking for and all we’re really concerned with is someone who can sing their ass off.  We don’t care if you’re tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white I don’t care.  There’s no list I would put up that are requirements that you have to meet to be in my band.  It’s not like that.  We want someone who wants to be in the project and will be very positive about it.  Everyone is in a very good place in their life right now and everyone is happy and it’s a good environment to be in.

So you’re looking for someone with a positive attitude that is willing to tour the world.

Matt Snell:  Yeah, touring is the whole reason you’re in a band.  I believe that tour busses run on fuel not friendship.  So if you’re ready?  Step up and do it.  We’ve all done it.  We’re looking for the person who is hungry and they want to do it.  That’s what we are looking for.   This isn’t a side project for us this is the band we are putting together.   We’re very open so show us how you sing.  We’re not looking for a screamer.  I can handle all the screaming.  Can you sing like Chris Cornell or Shinedown or that type of thing?

Is there a certain vibe you are looking for lyrically from the singer?

Matt Snell:  Good lyrics and positive.  We’re not pissed off at the world.  What has always kind of cracked me up is the guy who starts as an artistic talent and now he’s the tough guy.   What we don’t want is an artist full of complaints.  You know: Crying about my girlfriend, crying about my horrible life, and crying about all the things that are wrong.  I don’t have a horrible life.  I look at my life as my life and the experience.   Focus on living.  Singers are generally poets, so find a good poet and for me music is art for the ears so you can’t say that this one is good or this one is bad.  You just have to hear it to like it.   I have dozens of lyrical concepts put together for someone but if they have their own even better because we want a member.  This isn’t a “You come in and sing our songs and do what I say” situation.  That’s not the point of a band.  The point of a band is that everybody works together and you end up with a much better product that way.

Do you have any links for people to check out?

Matt Snell:  We’re actually not doing that and the reason we’re not doing that is that I am a firm believer that if a stripper walks out on stage naked you ruin the surprise.  (laughs) We kind of want to reserve that for the singer we end up getting.

So how can prospective new singers get a hold of you?

Matt Snell:  What we need to have happen now is we have an email for people to contact us at:  skylynemedia@gmail.com.  What we’re looking to have happen is if someone is interested in doing it there’s no restrictions on it.  We will take a look at anybody who is willing to give it a shot.  Send us links of what you’ve done.  I don’t care if it is just some crappy video from some band you used to be in or some bigger projects you have done and we can see what it’s about and we will go from there.


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