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Atmosphere Sells Out Ogden Theatre

8 October 2012 No Comment

(By Brandy Cordova)  Atmosphere recently played back to back sold out shows here in Colorado. Their first night,Thursday, September 20, 2012, was at the Boulder Theater, with their second night at the Ogden Theatre in Denver on Friday, September 21, 2012.

The crowd was definitely hyped up for the show after opening acts I Self Divine and Carnage blasted the venue with enthusiastic rhymes and contagious energy. Once Atmosphere took stage, the crowd was ready to join Slug and Ant in their rhyme crusade.

The crowd was rapping and rhyming to all of Atmosphere’s songs, old and new, and at one point Slug stopped show and hollered at the crowd, “You’re yelling my words at me! There are no job openings mother f…ers!”

The night held a history of songs from Atmosphere’s earlier album, God Loves Ugly, all the way to their newest, The Family Sign. Fans everywhere were dancing, rapping and loving the vibe. It’s easy to see why they sold out both of their Colorado shows months in advance.

The highlight of the show, which was unexpected by the crowd, was when I Self Divine and Carnage took stage with Slug in an intense tag-team freestyle session. What is a better way to close out the night, than three emcees flowing together lyrically? Thank you Rhymesayers for giving us some of the best hip hop out there.


Photos by Stu Kennedy of SKFunphotos


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