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Avrell Interview

14 December 2017 No Comment

Avrell HMM Cover smallThe Mile High City has a brand new take on latin rock with the emergence of maverick trio, Avrell. The three-piece consists of Geo on vocals and guitar, Ever on bass and vocals, and Edgar on keyboards. While the lyrics are a mix of Spanish and English, their melodies are based off of unique arrangements that cross barriers and bring people of all backgrounds together. Check out their social media links after the interview to stay up to date with the band’s latest projects.

Please introduce each member of the band: What is your role in the band? What drew you to making music? What do you do outside of the band?

Geovanny Trujillo: Guitar, vocals, songwriter.  My role in the band is to try and come up with tunes and melodies, which end up as a complete song as I work on  them. I like to bring the soul of the song so we can build it up together. I feel that music is a way for me to express my feelings through lyrics and melodies. When I’m not working on music, I run my own business with my business partner Ever.

Ever Martinez:  Bass, vocals.  I think my role is to bring some kind of order to the arrangements. I like to work with musical harmonies and I always emphasize that in my bass lines. I try to interpret the idea of the music that perhaps Geo provided and then I add a little bit of my own musical influences to tweak it a bit. To me, music has always been a way of expressing myself. Music has always made sense to me in a world where not very much makes sense. Music seems perfect.  I enjoy the sound of every single instrument sound. I have tried to learn to play as many instruments as I can so that I can contribute to the art of it. Outside the band, I run my own business.

Edgar Lopez: Piano, keyboards. The role that I play in the band is to help bring out the ideas and the soul of the music that Geovanny creates. I work on arrangements – sometimes lyrics – and bring a little bit of my own inspiration to the songs. Bruno Mars has been a huge influence on me, especially his piano arrangements. I want to make people smile and cry and fall in love again with our music as well.  That feeling is what motivates me. I love music and it has come naturally to me since the beginning. For my main job, I work as an electrician.

How did all of you meet?

I (Ever) met Geo at an event where he was playing solo and I was also participating in the event as a judge.  We had a friend in common who introduced us and we quickly clicked since we both had the same passion for making music. We started playing together as a duet where I switched from piano to bass from song to song.  As destiny would have it, we met Edgar through another musician friend and he totally clicked with the energy we had. He liked our music and had a lot to bring to it. He was the final link that seemed to be missing from the band. We have been playing together and making more new music together ever since.

When did Avrell form? What were the circumstances?

Avrell was formed when Geo and Ever met and started playing together. We decided we were going to be a band right there and then.  We kept playing together and when people heard the music they would always ask when and where they could hear this again, so we gave our band a name.

How did you guys come up with the band name?

I (Geo) wanted to have a name for the band as the month of “April” because it has a very personal meaning.  We later decided to use the spelling form a dialect of western France to give the word a new sound and new energy.

How would you describe your music to a potential fan?

We would describe our music as something full of energy and feelings. Our songs are very expressive and mellifluous.  We want our listeners to relive pleasant memories and feelings from their past as they hear our songs.

What do you guys do for fun when you’re not working on music?

Geo: I like to cook and chill at home. I go snowboarding with my bandmates. I enjoy nature walks, bike rides, riding my motorcycle with the band, reading a good book and spending time with family and loved ones

Edgar: I enjoy watching movies. I also like to read while enjoying a good whiskey.  I also enjoy the outdoors: hiking, biking, etc.  I enjoy spending as much time possible with my family and trolling my friends. Lol.

Ever: I enjoy spending time with the important people in my life – friends and family are very important.  I have many hobbies which vary from season to season. Currently I’m enjoying working on cars and off-roading or racing them, and riding motorcycles.

What other artists inspire your music? What is it about these artists and their music that you find inspiring?

We are inspired by many different artists and genres, which probably has shaped the way our music is made.  We take a lot of inspiration from bands from all over the world such as Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Mark Anthony, Juanes,and the Beatles – mostly latin and American artists.  We enjoy expressive artists who conjure a feeling within the listener.

What other things have helped to inspire your music, such as life events, movies, etc.?

Sometimes we find artists that play on a sidewalk which have inspired us. A lot of our songs come from either the start or end of relationships, and everything in between.

What is your favorite thing about performing?

We really enjoy rehearsing, but we really love to be able to share and transmit the energy and feelings behind our songs to our listeners.  We also enjoy being on stage and sharing a great moment within ourselves as a family.  There is a very emotional factor that comes into play when performing.  We love making people dance, cry, and smile to our songs, and we are grateful to spend those moments with them.

What has been the most difficult challenge as a band so far? How do you overcome this challenge?

Our biggest challenge has been learning to understand what the other band members are trying to express in their part of the arrangement. This process takes time and takes getting to know each other’s experiences as a person.  We have overcome this challenge by respecting each other and realizing that we are all working for the same goal: love of music.   We had a hard time even having a place to rehearse, but making our business bigger helped get us a place to work and rehearse, which happened to be the idea behind starting a business.

What does the music writing process look like for Avrell?

Geo usually has great song ideas which come from a feeling.  Ever and Edgar take that idea, break it down and start building it into a complete song. We all work together part by part. We record a rough draft and listen to it and then we work on it piece by piece. We work each part separately – bass lines, piano parts, guitar riffs, etc.  We take time to make sure that they all fit together and that they “feel” right.

When can fans expect you to release your debut album? Can you give us any hints about what to expect?

We still don’t have a release date for our debut album, but we are working hard at it.  Fans can expect to have an album filled with a variety of rhythms and melodies filled with heart and emotion.


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