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Back From Ashes Interview

6 March 2011 No Comment

Back From Ashes write the kind of songs that add ounces to your gas pedal foot and cranks your car stereo volume up without your permission because I sure don’t remember doing it. In all fairness to the consumer they should include a coupon for a radar detector or something with the CD. Phoenix’s Back From Ashes are a rockin metal band with an excellent self titled disk that was produced by Ryan Greene and that has gained the attention of many fans and critics as well. With several award wins in Arizona and California they are prepping for hitting the road in 2011 to spread the word on BFA. I spoke with Jason the vocalist of Back From Ashes.

So what’s the band dynamics when you’re writing the songs?

Jason: I wouldn’t say there’s any specific writer in the group. We all sit down and typically Mike will come up with something good on the guitar and we just kind of jam out and try to work it together. We have always felt that five heads working together are better than one. So nobody takes credit for any one thing we all do it together as a team and from there we get our producers involved in the writing process and get the best that we can out there and hope that it sticks.

How do you describe the sound of Back From Ashes?

Jason: You know it’s got rock; it’s got metal, and everything in between. It’s got an industrial feel and it’s hard to try and pinpoint what we sound like or who we are. We just try and be as unique and original as we can without it being forced. It’s basically what comes from our hearts and what comes from our souls at the time and what it becomes is what it becomes. Nothing is over thought because then it would come out sounding robotic and too planned and we like to call it organized chaos.

What was it like putting the self titled album together?

Jason: It was fun, it was a blast, and we worked really hard to make sure that every song was as good as the last. We spent hours and hours and hours of writing and we kind of just took a journey within ourselves. The trials and tribulations you go through not only as a band but as an individual and the things we see around us and we just wanted to put it all into place in the music. We worked with Ryan Greene who’s the producer on the album and he guided us through the process. We’d swap tracks back and forth and he’d be like, “Yeah that ones great, but this part is terrible.” (Laughs) I remember for “20-20 Blind” we wrote four different choruses for that song. So it definitely had its ups and downs but the end product was just fantastic and I think that is what is required for a band to go through in order to get an album like this. If it’s too easy then there’s no emotion behind it.

What was it like working with producer Ryan Greene?

Jason: That was a great experience. He has a very very diverse background in music. You know working with a guy that has worked with bands as diverse as Wilson Phillips, Patty Labelle, and Gladys Knight to MxPx and Authority Zero. We were looking for someone who didn’t necessarily come from a metal background because we didn’t want to sound like a carbon copy by any means. We took our time and chose carefully about who we worked with and we definitely made the right decision. I mean he’s worked with bands like Megadeth and you name it. It was an awesome experience because we were able to see what things could potentially sound like with another mind behind the project. Sometimes bands get a little too close to what they are doing and they become short sighted. So to have that kind of experience backing you with their ideas and their experiences really makes for a unique sound. It’s funny we’re like pop metal. (Laughs).

What’s the Phoenix music scene like these days?

Jason: It’s a very eclectic scene. There are so many different genres of music out here. There’s cover bands to hardcore death metal and black metal and everything in between. It’s pretty amazing. I heard there are 1800 bands in the valley alone. There’s a lot of challenge out here. We’ve got ASU right here so we’ve got all these college kids and you see a drum circle every ten feet. Yeah, I try to avoid those. (Laughs) The scene is smaller than some of your bigger places but at the end of the day there’s a lot of strong support from the fan perspective and it’s a great place to be.




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