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Blindfold the Devil

18 July 2014 No Comment

July-Cover-2014-SM(Written by: Groovey, Photo by Matt Zinke) Metal’s latest addition to national touring circuit Blindfold the Devil just finished a massive North American trek with Stitched Up Heart taking BtD’s brand of melodic thrash to the masses.  The tour which was sponsored by Hollywood Music was a complete success for the band and their fans except when the band almost died horribly by launching into a several hundred foot ravine in their RV.  Here’s Blindfold the Devil’s James Romero on the tour, what’s up next and how not to die on tour.

So you have your first tour under the wheels.  How the hell was it?

James Romero: Amazing.  It was torturous, it was brutal, it was hot, it was sweaty but absolutely outstanding.  Just the experience and the people alone despite everything like all the problems that band normally have on the road that we went through it was absolutely worth it.

What were some of the things you went through?

James Romero: Not having a generator was a big one because that’s how we charge our phones to navigate across the country that and not having air conditioning.  Everyone had a situation at some point with their gear breaking or just not working on stage.  I actually had the battery fall out the back of my guitar that was powering my pick ups so I didn’t realize it had happened until the end of the song.

What was the most frightening event of the tour?

James Romero: Well we almost died.  Yep, we almost died going through Red Mountain Pass which I can say now is one of the deadlist drives or passes or whatever the hell it is in the world and our brakes went out.  To explain the story better we were in a 37 foot RV coming down a pass with no guard rails or anything with couple hundred foot drops and our brakes decided to go out on the downhill and we started barreling down insanely down this pass.  Luckily enough the brakes decided to re-engage which was nice of them to do so yeah we almost flew off a cliff in an RV.  Very happy to be here.

So what was some of the best stuff that happened?

James Romero: There wasn’t just one thing it was all of it together.  We got to meet some amazing amazing people.  We have friends everywhere now and many people telling us they will come out and see us again.  A guy we met in Pennsylvania named John who really just spoke to our inner musicians and knew what we were dealing with. He took us in and fed us and gave us a place to shower for a couple days which was amazing.  Just a great showing of kindness.  That was one of the best times.  Just doing something that people enjoyed and were jazzed to be there that was such a great feeling.

What was it like making all the new fans?

James Romero: It’s crazy.  People might have come for another band but they enjoyed our music and came to our merch booth and asked when we were coming back through.  That makes us feel like we are doing something right.  It was cool to see some people who were actually long term fans who got the chance to see us for the first time.  That was pretty insane.  Someone had waited a few years and they came out and enjoyed our show so yeah that was insane.

With all the tour dates you did do you think you’re a better band now?

James Romero: Oh absolutely.  I think now it’s night and day.  You learn so much more about what’s important and what you are doing and you have so much time to think about it. You get a do-over every night.  If you have a bad show you can analyze it and you get a chance to fix it almost immediately or at least the next night instead of waiting another month or something.  I think it was fantastic for us and we are a completely different animal I would say.

What’s next for Blindfold the Devil?

James Romero:  We are getting prepped for a few things but there’s a couple really exciting things happening that I can’t announce yet but the path we are headed on is another tour, and album release and a music video.  Those are the things that are for sure happening in the near future.  We are expanding ourselves as a band and you are going to hear a lot more new music.  That’s for sure.  When we all got home we all started writing and are sending ideas back and forth to each other like crazy right now.




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