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28 January 2017 No Comment

2017-Jan-CoverCardiac is a project of David DiSarro (Stitched Up Heart, High Risk) that originated almost a decade ago. He had a couple of songs written, at least lyrically, but then had a broader idea of a rock opera. It took on a life of its own and opened up his own creativity; writing song after song that all lends to a story and character development.

The result is an epic 20 song treatment, which is set for release sometime in 2017, with a bigger vision to follow. As a rock opera, it isn’t just a listening experience; it is a show. It is being pitched and garnering interest for a script so that it can be performed in theaters. The production would be performed live by actors without, Cardiac the band, actually being involved in the show other than their music serving as the backdrop for the play. It tells a tale of a young man’s fall and heartbreak then up from the ashes overcoming his own demons along the way.

Seems like a rather ambitious undertaking and vision for most, but DiSarro is a visionary chasing his punk rock dreams in a big way. He was a founding member of Stitched Up Heart, developed High Risk and was the punk rock On-Air host for Hollywood Music TV. Yet, Cardiac is clearly a departure from those roots, at least in part. The music harkens back to an era of rock with Journey, Rush, Queen etc., but timely blends other genres of punk, pop and metal that is very musical, piano drive, vocally emotional and epic songs that take you on a journey through different peaks and valleys of your mind and heart. This suits the rock opera perfectly because a story is told so that you hear in DiSarro’s voice, the pain the emotion, the triumph and celebration. Where his punk rock roots are evident is in that very blend of genres; the uncompromising attitude in what they want to write and the music they create. It will be on their terms and not pigeon-holed into some prepackaged one-size-fits-all preconceived notion of what others say they should be.

Cardiac, with DiSarro on vocals, his long-time associate, Don Bish “Dish”on drums and Donovan White of Vertical Horizon on guitar, late summer 2016 they enjoyed a run opening up for The Bangles, which provided a great opportunity, as they played to sold-out shows nightly.   It was followed in the fall with another successful run with Enuff Z’Nuff. Dish and DiSarro have been together since 2012. Dish has been very active in the music scene since he was a teenager and has traveled the world over the last 20 years banging skins for the Bullet Boys, Pretty Boy Floyd and Hall of Famers, The Yardbirds and others. He has done more than 2 dozen world tours and is also a successful sound engineer.

They perform as a 3-piece (although have performed with additional musicians including a stringed quartet) and what is usually a deciding factor in any bands future or success is level of commitment. In talking to DiSarro, he is excited at the joint focus and chemistry of his lineup and the continued collaboration with Dish; as that seems to be the foundation for the successes they have found in the creativity of their art as well as the continued development of their touring successes.

Cardiac just announced another tour with Enuff Z’Nuff, but this time also joining legendary Ace Frehley from KISS, which kicks off in January 2017, which would indicate they are off to a great start in the new year. The tour covers the south west of the U.S. and up to Seattle through California and then on to Europe with more dates being added. After that, Cardiac is looking towards tours in Europe and getting on some of the festival tours in Europe as well, which sadly is the current state of live music in this country since getting people to come out to a live show is like pulling teeth, but in Europe they seem to have a deeper appreciation of live music, art and the culture of music. Stay tuned for Cardiac: The Rock Opera.


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