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Chloe Chaidez Vocalist For Kitten Interview

5 June 2013 No Comment

Kitten Chloe Chaidez(By Groovey) Kitten from LA are fronted by Chloe Chaidez who is already being hailed as a superstar from her talent as a vocalist and her iconic command of the stage.  Kitten just finished with a very successful tour with Paramore and have a new EP out entitled Cut It Out and a full length being released later on this year.  The following interview took place through email.

You have one of the most anticipated albums of 2013 being released later on this year. Can you describe the vibe and the feel of the new songs? How much of the album is written already? 

The album is finished as of a couple of weeks ago. It’s very rhythmic and sexy. If people thought our last album was “80’s”, the full length is far more 80’s. Half of it at least . The other half is kind of post rocky and ambient , due to the fact that we were very influenced by bands like Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine while making the record. If Kevin Shields made a record with Nile Rogers, I think they’re love child might sound a little something like our record.

Working any producers? And lyrically what subjects are you addressing?

We’re working with long time collaborator’s Nick Jons and Chad Anderson, who bring very different things to the table but are both great. We had been in-between bass players during the making of the record, and Nick really expanded our rhythm section and has incredible synths that were definitely utilized. Lyrically, the record addresses a lot, but I wouldn’t necessarily say there is any particular theme.

Many respected members of the music press have basically called you the next big thing and that you have the “it” factor. Does that seem odd, or cool, or just an accepted fact at this point? When the rest of the world catches on that you are a superstar how do you think you will challenge yourself as an artist to make even better music?

I mean because I’m not yet a “superstar”, none of those things really mean much to me. I don’t want people to be telling me I could sell out the Hollywood Bowl, I want to be doing it. Now if that actually happens, I would hope to maintain the same musical goals and standards that we have currently and not let myself get manipulated by the people around me telling me how magnificent I am. I think that happens to a lot of artists, and they really suffer from it. No one around a “super star” is actually going to tell them their latest record sucks, therefor these artists as they get older continue to make shitty records and don’t know it. I hope this never happens to me.Kitten Chloe Chaidez

Your stage presence is being hailed as nothing short of iconic. I’m sure the majority is natural talent but how did you develop the rest? What front people inspire you?

The events leading up to a show are what inspire the performance, for better and for worst. If I’m angry, that’s unfortunately what you’re going to get on stage. Fortunately, I think that mentality and approach is what people might relate to. I know that when I play a show, everyone in the audience has felt just as sexy, just as angry, or just silly as I feel in that moment. As far as frontman inspirations go, I’ve always been a huge fan of Ian Curtis and Iggy pop, aside from how raw they both are as performers, they’re movements on stage were also beautiful and extremely compelling.

I have yet to meet an artist who enjoys making music videos (If you are the exception please tell me why.) that being said do you prefer making the rocking out videos? Or the mini-films? Do you have any video concepts for the new album yet?

I guess unlike most artists, I enjoy the process of making videos. When you’re working with somebody you trust and share a similar aesthetic with, the process becomes a lot more casual and fun- like a group of 10th graders brainstorming ideas for the their next project for their art elective. Now I think it’s safe to say the beginning stages of making a video may be the most fun, because all of your ideas have yet to be inaccurately interpreted or executed wrong. That said, I think most of my videos have gotten across the message I’ve wanted them too, and I’m pleased with that.

When the band is writing do you go after specific sounds and then assemble the songs or jam out the tunes until stuff naturally falls into place? If you could give an example on specific song that would be cool.

Every song has a different process, depending on where it’s coming from. A song that was birthed on an acoustic guitar is a completely different animal to realize than a song that was written on a laptop. The new record has a lot of songs that were made electronically and brought the band after. Doubt for instance, a new song from the full length, I wrote on Ableton and then brought it to the band to become something entirely more exciting and different. A lot of the new songs definitely stem from an electronic foundation, but the combination of the live drums and guitars we use in the process of recording transform them into something else.

You have toured extensively. What have been some of the highlights? Dream come true moments? And any Spinal Tap type moments that you can share. 

Hmm, there is so much that happens on tour everyday it’s hard to keep track, mostly due to the amount of people we meet. But I definitely just had a “dream come true” moment the other day in New York. We played the Hammerstein Ballroom with Paramore. The venue was just so spacious and beautiful, and the roar of the crowd was so loud and enthusiastic, that I couldn’t stop smiling on stage. I nearly teared up within 30 seconds of hitting the stage.

What are some of the unwritten rules of touring?

Oh there are many, depending on how anal the band is. I’d say a big one is keeping the van clean, it can get really gross in there. The driver is also able to listen to whatever he/she wants, if they’re listening to someone farting in a microphone for an hour, let them be because they’re getting you to where you need to go. Oh and last but not least, try not to hook up with fans. I know it’s hard, and I know they’re sometimes cute, but try to refrain because it just makes things weird.

What is the absolute worst thing you have ever eaten on the road?

Ooh I’ve eaten some pretty weird shit on tour. But the worst thing I can think of right now is beef jerky for breakfast. And by breakfast, I mean breakfast, because it’s 11 am and you’re not stopping anywhere with food for another 2 hours because you’re late.

What do you geek out on besides music? Please geek out on what you geek out on. 

I totally geek out on Taylor Momsen. It’s this confusing bizarre love-hate relationship. I’ve seen /read every one of her interviews, and “google news” her about once a week. I think she’s making an album right now so there’s not as much going on, but while she was touring and her record was out, that’s just about all I did. Google Taylor Momsen. Sorry, I guess that’s music…

Are there any underground bands/musicians that you enjoy that you think people should know about?

There is a band called the Pomegranates who recently changed their name to Healing Power, and they’re amazing. We toured them a little while ago, but I would definitely check their record out when it’s released.

Does the band have a philosophy or motto or driving cause?

I mean to be fucking good, but who’s motto isn’t that.

What is the one ultimate goal you want to achieve as an artist?

To be able to tour comfortably for the rest of my life and not rely on anything external.

If you had a time machine what would you do with it?

I would go back in time and hang out with Jesus, see what all the hoopla was about.






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