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Everlasting Blaze Discuss The Songwriting Process And How Growing Up In Another Country Changed Them Musically

26 January 2017 No Comment

Everlasting Blaze

Marwa Briki, frontwoman for Italian metal band Everlasting Blaze sat down with Hollywood Music Magazine to share the band’s favorite artists, cultural inspiration, and their plans for 2017.

Hollywood Music Magazine: How does it feel to be living and working on your music in a country different from where you are from? Do you feel there’s more inspiration where you are now or home in Tunisia?

Everlasting Blaze: It’s for sure something amazing for Sadem and I (Marwa). Our drummer Fabio is Italian and has always lived in Italy. But for us, living in two countries gave us the opportunity to learn a lot of things in life; to discover more than one culture and lifestyle while contributing to our personal growth, which of course influenced our music. We moved to Italy at a young age, so our passion and love for music started here.

HMM: Do you think you will add another member to your group or stay a 3-piece?

EB: In the songwriting process, we write all bass lines. Same goes when we’re in the studio. But for live concerts we will have a touring bass player for sure.

HMM: Who writes most of the music and the lyrics? 

EB: We really love writing songs and it always comes naturally. Sadem writes the guitar parts and the melodies, then we write bass parts and the rest of the melodies together, and then Fabio does the drums. The final step is when I (Marwa) listen to the final mix, I write the lyrics and come up with the vocal melodies.

HMM: Are you looking forward to coming to the United States to tour? Where in the world have you already played? And what has been your favorite place so far?

EB: Of course! We can’t wait to come to the United States and start touring, but so far we’ve just played in Italy. We’ve always worked really hard on writing music, practicing, and getting ready to make the best performances we can. We always believed that the music itself is the most important aspect. It has to be as pure and good as it can be to shine, stand out, and be the next great thing. So our priority was to write quality music and be prepared for everything. But now it’s time for us to be on stage everywhere in the world.

HMM: Does anyone in your family play music or are in groups themselves?

EB: No one (haha). The three of us grew up in families that never gave importance to music, especially hard rock and metal music. But we have been extremely amazed by it since we were 6 years old, and from then on we eat, breathe, and sleep it.

HMM: If you were trapped on a plane for a 3 hour delay with just your guitars, and the people you were there with wanted you to play some music, what would you play? 

EB: We’d definitely play Learn to Fly by The Foo Fighters.

HMM: Which popular artists would you love to tour with if you had the chance, and why those bands?

EB: Of course they would be bands that we really love and we’d love to share the stage with. Bands like Deftones, Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, and Metallica are bands that we grew up with. They made us want to play instruments, sing, and write music.


HMM: How long have you known each other as friends and how did the band get started?

EB: Sadem and I have known each other since we were kids, so we learned all about music together; from playing basic instruments to studying song structures and producing. We started writing our first songs about 3 years ago, and we took our time to make the best and truest music we could; something pure that connects with every single fan. In 2016 we met our friend Fabio who become the drummer of the band. The three of us share the same passion, the same dream, and the same ambitions and goals. We have written about 13 songs so far and we’re still writing new material.

HMM: Do you use any special process to record your music, effects, amplifier sounds?

EB: We have been into music production for a couple of years and we really love to record and produce our own music. We always tend to make our music as real and true as it can be. We don’t like overproduced songs; that would just sound like a different song in a live situation. So we use simple and basic effects on vocals and guitars. We always try new sounds in the studio but most of the time we use Guitar Rig 5 from Native Instruments as an amp simulator and guitar effect, which gives us the sound and tone we look for.

HMM: If you could choose a record producer who would it be and why?

EB: As aspiring producers ourselves, we’d really love to work with a lot of producers that worked on the albums we like. It’s difficult to choose only one, but our favorite producers are Ross Robinson, Rick Rubin, Don Gilmore, and Andy Wallace. We believe it would be amazing to live this experience and be in the studio together to make great records.

HMM: Who are your favorite artists, living or dead?

EB: There are a lot of artist that we like. As we said before, we grew up listening to bands like Deftones, Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, and Metallica, We also like bands like Korn, Skid Row, and Ronnie James Dio.

HMM: What’s the plan for 2017?

EB: Our manager Shawn Barusch (Music Gallery International) and us have huge plans for 2017! We expect it to be a great year for us. We hope to play shows everywhere and we’re beyond excited to experience all the things 2017 has for us. But we like to keep all the great things as a surprise! With that being said, there are a lot of things coming soon, so stay tuned.

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