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17 August 2013 No Comment

August-Cover-2013-SM(By Groovey) Fist Fight’s music is as straight forward and ass kicking as their name.  This Denver based five piece mosh maker is a mix of chocolaty metal and peanut buttery hardcore served with a generous helping of brass knuckles.  It  just smashes the stupid right out of you but keeps you smiling the whole time. Their latest album which will be released this fall is entitled Conflict and was recorded at Steam Punk Audio and mixed and mastered by Ahrue Luster of Ill Nino and Machine Head Fame.  Mr. Luster had this to say about working with Fist Fight, “I had the pleasure of mixing the new Fist Fight album. Dustin and John are good friends of mine and I’ve worked with them in the past on the Less Than Under record. I’m very pleased with the way the mix came out. I felt that I was able to convey their aggression and blue collar angst in a way that will make people really get it. I’m looking forward to working with them again.”

Okay you all know how this works.  I send the band a list of questions ranging from stupid to standard and they have at!  Let’s see how Fist Fight handled it.

Tell me why your band rules?

We are a little of the old school & a little of the new school with a twist. We tear it up on stage. And we’re a bunch of hot ass dorks!

Describe your sound.

You get a blender, throw in some metal, some hardcore, punk, blast beats for good measure and a can of whoop ass… you get Fist Fight.

Do you have a CD coming out? What’s the scoop on that? Where did you record it, style, songs, etc.?

 We have our new album coming out entitled “Conflict”. We recorded it at our boy Nick’s home studio, Steam Punk Audio. And we are having it mixed and mastered by renowned artist Ahrue Luster at Illustrious Productions. Cannot say how much of a bad ass Ahrue is. It’s gonna be 9 teeth mashing tracks of in your face metal.

 What’s the bands philosophy? FF-2

 Stand up for what you believe in. Talk straight & don’t take no shit. Live it like you breathe it.

 What bands would you like to go out on tour with?

Well, we are gearing up for a Midwest & west coast tour ourselves. But we would love the opportunity to open up for somebody like Hatebreed, Mastodon, Terror would be awesome, Slipknot or In flames would be cool to.

Where did your band name come from?

We were kicking around a few names we all dug but couldn’t all agree on. So we did the old school decision maker of throwing them all in a hat and pulling out the first one. And it must have been destined to be, because it went right along with the mantra of the band.

Top Five Favorite Albums?

Dude how you pick just one. But we’ll all take a crack at our personal favorites…

Dustin – Hatebreed “Perseverance”

Jon – Sepultura  “Chaos A.D.”

Chris – Pantera “Vulgar Display Of Power”

Adrian – Metallica “Ride The Lightning”

Nick – Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath”

Are you artsy or are you fartsy?

We’re the whole shebang; we love to create but we are pretty much all full of shit… Ha Ha!

What really pisses you off?

Put it like this, the question should be “what doesn’t piss us off” Ha Ha. But if we’d have to answer we’d say crooked politicians, people spitting in drinking fountains, flakey promoters, wet toilet seats, getting ripped off and mainstream media! Just to name a few.

FF-7Worst thing eaten on the road.

What was her name… no really? We’d say Jon’s “bologna on hand sandwich” with a 30 pack of PBR to wash it down! Despite that Jon says it was the best road food ever. Redneck 101.

What are some of the unwritten rules of touring?

Don’t be late & don’t shit on the tour bus.

What’s the most embarrassing band you listen to?

We don’t think any of these bands are really that embarrassing, but here’s what you wouldn’t expect us to listen to…

Chris – Chuck Mangione

Adrian – Flock Of Seagulls

Nick – Tori Amos

Jon – Imagine Dragons

Dustin – Taylor Swift

Name one person cooler than Evel Kneivel?

 Bruce fucking Lee… for the win!

Wheelie or endo?

Full throttle all the way. We don’t plan on touching the brakes anytime soon. Right now Fist Fight is hitting on all the cylinders, we crushing it with the merch, marketing and the music. The road ahead is looking damn good from our view.

What exactly is “Going apeshit?”

Being a fan of mosh pits & having a hell of a time. So come on down to a Fist Fight show and go apeshit in the pit!

Top two stupidest things you’ve ever done.

So, this one’s on Dustin… he learned that if you are gonna mosh on stage, don’t land on Jon’s foot. After tearing his ACL and meniscus and breaking his tibia, Dustin learned that stage awareness is probably a very good thing to have.

And like I said what’s her name again.

What would you like to say to our fans?

Thanks for all your support; you’re why we do this. It’s nice to go to any show big or small and see so much Fist Fight gear you’d think we were getting ready to hit the stage. You guys are all part of the Fist Fight family and we love it when we see you on the streets you never hesitate to hit us up and say hi.



Pics byMartin Schroeder @ No Heart Studios



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