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13 January 2012 No Comment

Photography by: Atomic Effect/Gary Davis~~ Grigori 3 are a band that launch all the hooks, thumps, and melodies right at your brain and suprisigly will have you returning for many more spins on their tunes.  Sort of goth, sort of metal and industrial with an impressive lead female vocalist who escalates the game, Grigori 3 is a band you will definitely remember.  They have a brand new album produced by Matt Mercado entitled On Your 6 coming out  that is sure to be a game changer for the band.  They are also featured musically and visually in the movie and cable series Jezebeth.  Here is vocalist Gwen Bartolini on the new album On Your 6 and  what 2012 holds for Grigori 3.

Lyrically what are you going for on the new album?

Gwen: In the past I have done more narrative but this time I have tried to do more first person. I have tried to really get into the heads of the listener.  I wanted things that people could relate with.  On the last album we had two songs that were written and a lot of people were like, “Oh that’s a beautiful song but I have no idea what the hell you are saying.”  (laughs) It did add to the intrigue and a lot of people ended up writing to me and asking me to translate things and some people even went as far go to Babelfish and different online translators and post the lyrics online in various places.   Each version was completely different from the other and that was kind of exciting and at the time the guys were like, “Lay off the deep lyrics.”  So there’s one song with a more spiritual overtone.  I kept it in English but I still made references to some of my core beliefs in the spiritual world and that would be the angels and the Grigori and going through the celestial hirearchy and that’s on the new album.  Which is the theme song for the cable series Jezebeth.

How were you challenged by the rest in the band in the studio?

Gwen: The thing about music is that you can just write it and send it out there and it’s almost like child.  It sounds odd but that’s the way I look at it.  It becomes its own.  There were two songs that I was challenged on.  I was sitting there and saying, “If it doesn’t work your way then it’s going back to my way” and Ray and I are the two in the band that butt heads artistically.  He knows exactly how far to push me before I really freak out.  (laughs) And then when I do freak out I turn very narrow minded and hard headed and “This is the way it’s gonna be and I’m finished being creative.”  After that we’re going back to the way we tried in the beginning because it will work better anyhow and then we changed a few small things lyrically that I was able to tweak and we were able to put together right there in the studio on a piece of paper scribbling.  It actually turned out to be my favorite song on the album.

How did you get connected with the Jezebeth project?

Gwen: Well Damian Dante the director and producer ended up having a different film a few years back and he went to one of the guys in the band and he mentioned he was doing an opening for his film and he wanted a talented band to play.  He wanted someone who could go up there and do their thing.  We ended up clicking with him really well at the performance which ended up going better than I had anticipated.   The crowd really ate us up and he really ended up liking us too.  So we clicked and stayed in contact and he wrote a couple more productions and this time he said, “I fell in love with you guys on stage”  He has been a big Grigori 3 supporter ever since.  A few of the songs really grabbed him and he ended up putting them into Jezebeth the film and we really click naturally.   It’s kind of creepy. (laughs) There’s certain things I’m thinking about that he had the same idea visually  for that particular song.  We have built a friendship over the years and I think we give the piece that he is looking for.

So do you play a part in the cable series?

Gwen: We do.  Our band performs in a club that the lead character goes into.  So we perform in front of the lead character and there is a connection between her and I where we are drawn to each other and I think that really comes across in the video.   In our video as well as the episode which were filmed in the same day.

What other videos do you have in the works for 2012?

Gwen:  I’m a big MMA fan and one of our particular songs from the new album kind of reflects that and I think it would be an ideal walk out song for an Ultimate Fighter to come out to.    So we want to put a video together with the flying arm bars and whatever else we can think of.   For me I think the sport is on the rise and it is just so exciting to see so many people embracing it especially the womens division.


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