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Hail Satan Interview

22 May 2018 No Comment

Hail Satan 3With a name like Hail Satan you can be sure no one will confuse what genre these guys are. Pure fucking metal! Hail Satan summon forth power thrash that they like to call “Rad Metal” and deliver whiskey and pizza fueled tunes like nobody else ever has.  You doubt?  Give this tune a spin while you read the interview.  https://soundcloud.com/user-83496271/born-to-win

So what kind of Satanists are you? The eating babies kind? The drug fueled orgy kind? The get a statue of Baphomet into every government building kind? All of those? Or none of the above the name just sounds cool kind?
All of the above plus tattoos of leather and studs on our dicks. BONUS: One of us has been divorced!

Okay let’s talk basics. When did the band form? We were founded in the basement of a hippie flop house in the summer of 2017. We played our first “show” to a guy smoking crack on the stairs. BONUS: Our whiskey-soaked metal glory terrified the hippies and we got kicked out of there in about four months.

Why did the band form ?
Jake and Spencer have been playing metal together since 2004. Their guitar player died in a cycling accident, and they spent the next ten years looking for another guitar player. That’s when they found Bruce. There was a moment when they looked at each other and knew “This is the fucking guy we’ve been looking for.” They’d practiced together a few times and then Jake brought Dakota in on bass and the rest is inked in BLOOD.

Who the fuck do you think you are? Jake “Rain on Your Lips” Fairly, Spencer “Thunder of the Gods” Lee, Bruce Wayne “The Hurricane” Gasiorowski, Dakota “There’s a Storm A’brewin” Bentley

Hail Satan 4Does (Power Thrash Metal) = (Rad Metal)? Please answer using your best math skills. 
Räd Metal is thrash metal to which people should be partying and getting. [(Thrash + Power)/ Prince] x  All Around Hotness = Räd Metal

If you weren’t playing the style of music that you’re playing what would you play? And how many woodchucks chuck? We’ve all been in bands spanning many genres but the Devil was always whispering in our ear, calling us back to the metal. BONUS: We have a Neil Young cover band done in the style Tom Waits called Park Bench Mutations.

If Hail Satan was a giant robot what would that giant robot do? Funny you would ask that. Jake and Spencer’s high school band was called Galacticon AD 2525 and had a giant box robot as the mascot. In the year 2525, this very robot conquered the known universe and all its inhabitants. So, basically our robot would conquer the entire known universe.

You have an EP dropping soon. What’s all the deets on that? What are the songs about? How rad are they? Did anyone die during recording?
Our EP is called Räd Metal and was produced by Gregg Ziemba (drummer in Rubedo and Wheelchair Sports Camp) and engineered/mixed by Chad Saxton. We recorded in an old church that was converted into an arts space called Birdseed Collective. The songs are about everything from sex to death with nice slice of pizza to tide you over. It will be available worldwide on 5/31/18.

You are also working on a music video.  Give us all the info on that beastly thing.
The video is for the track “I Will Eat You” off the EP. We’re working in collaboration with Jeff McReynolds (certified badass). The video is about killing white supremacists. We stuck to the basics: metal, blood, guts and a 32oz bone in ribeye. It will be released in early June 2018.

What’s your live show like? How do you smell after a performance? How does the audience smell?
It’s a loud, rude conversation with angry Italian realities screaming at each other. You capture the energy in the building and then you burn that motherfucker to the ground. Lights. Blood. Sweat. Whiskey. Heavy. Fucking. Metal.

When you aren’t shredding faces like the cheese guy on taco day what do you do for fun and profit?Heavy metal permeates everything in our lives. 

  • Jake is currently working on a comic book called This is Heavy Metal. You can buy the first, second, and third issues at all places where fine books are sold in Denver, at our merch table, or via email: hailsatandenver@gmail.com
  • Spencer is a filmmaker who writes and directs. His most recent short film Mafia Exorcist, which was originally made for the Portland-based 72 hour film competition Guinolfest, was locked up by the Portland Underground Film Festival and will be showing at the end of May. Shout out to Foul is Fair Productions. Check them out on YouTube.
  • Bruce is a chef at one of Denver’s premiere restaurants. He loves playing with fire and watching people mouthgasm while eating his delights. He maintains his rigorous 120 hours a week guitar shredding diet.
  • Dakota bartends and entertains at Denver’s most glorious karaoke bar. He fashions fine boozy concoctions and slings spirits for the musically-minded and mutually-inspired.

Hail Satan Logo 2Are you going to tour soon? And who would be some dream bands to tour with? Will you be throwing poop out of the van window at high speeds?
We don’t have a tour lined up yet. We’re more focused on recording a full-length album in the next year. If Kreator’s tour manager is reading this we would love to open for you guys in Germany any time!

Are you writing more songs for a future release or is this it and now you’re going to all become Yoga instructors? If you’re not going to become Yoga instructors when do you think that release will drop?
We have written a ton of new stuff since the EP; we’ve become a rather well-oiled machine. This is the most prolific band any of us has ever been in. We’re excited to release a full-length album of destruction later in 2018!

Anything else you would like to add? Please grab a soapbox and go on a rant. When we started this band, we knew we would never be the heaviest or most technical band; those things have been pushed to the extremes at this point. We aim to be the most fun heavy metal band out there, and generally just be Räd as fuck. Everybody’s gonna get laid!

Hail Satan’s EP release show will be on May 31st. For more info: http://www.3kingstavern.com/event/314905 

And for even more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/175880229910614/

To visit Hail Satan and have them bake you virtual digital cookies go here: https://www.facebook.com/hailsatandenvermetal/


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