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5 June 2018 No Comment

DAN JOHNSONDan Johnson has been called one of the hottest hard rock/metal drummers on the scene today. He is currently a member of Korn guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch’s Love and Death, as well as the touring drummer for the Christian rock band, Red. When not touring and recording he takes on drum students.

Hi Dan, so what hat have you been up to lately?
Well I just got home from an awesome tour with Red. We have been off for the whole month of May. So I took advantage of the time and had a great time working with some awesome musicians here at home and playing locally.

What do you have planned for the future?
Lots of awesome shows and more touring. Plus some new surprises coming up

Any new music on the horizon?
A new Love and Death (founded by Brian Head Welch of Korn) is in the works. I’ve also been able to track some awesome music for some cool people that I can’t wait to share with everyone

What are the drummers that influence you the most?
My favorite drummers are Todd sucherman , Vinnie Paul , Matt sorum and RICH REDMOND

Do you have any people you’d like to thank for their support along the way?
I’m grateful for every single day and every moment I get to do what I love and when I truly feel like I was put on this earth to do thankful to everyone who supported me my amazing family and amazing teachers I’ve had along the way

Any plans to go back to Europe?
Yes actually… we should be going there a few times this year thankfully!!

What types of music downloads do you usually play?
I listen to everything from typo negative to Taylor Swift. LOL!!!

What’s your favorite aspect of being a musician?
Not really sure what to say. Being a drummer is everything and it’s my reason for living. I’ll never stop until there’s not a breath left in me! And I mean that too!!

Where can people go to learn more about you?
You can visit my website at: www.drummerdanjohnson.com

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