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Ivan Moody-5FDP

1 August 2010 One Comment

Five Finger Death Punch is a band that from its very beginning was assembled to deliver ear quaking destruction. Their first release The Way of the Fist (2007) took over the airwaves with a slew of hits like the top ten “The Bleeding” and the record itself has sold almost a half a million copies to date. With a supreme hard rock work ethic and a touring schedule that borders on the band having a collective screw loose Five Finger Death Punch have completely leveled up from being the way wicked new comers on the block to stadium rockin machines. Their successes have put a metal boot to an unsuspecting face so many times over the last few years that the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards “Best Breakthrough Band” that they received this year seems already dated. 5FDP latest CD War is The Answer (2009) has crushed the numbers and their cover of the classic “Bad Company” is their best charting song to date.

Here is the Hollywood Music Magazine interview with Ivan Moody vocalist for Five Finger Death Punch.

HMM: What was the process for putting the latest album “War is the Answer” together?

Ivan: Well we got lucky this time because we put the first album together ourselves. We produced it and did all the work. We wanted an outside ear for this one so we invited Kevin Churko who has worked with Ozzy Osbourne and the other big bands. So we invited him in and sat down and the guys wrote the music and then I flew out to Denver and started working on the lyrics. And then Kevin helped us piece it all together and it was a pretty painless process. We’re looking forward to probably working with Kevin again on the upcoming record as well.

HMM: Are you guys writing for the new album yet?

Ivan: The guys are writing but I don’t. I will wait for the completed material that way I can stay focused and be out here and not take away from anything. People spend their hard earned money to see these shows and I don’t want to take away from that. It’s a lot easier for me to stay focused on what I’m doing. I’ve got road diaries and journals and stuff but those are just for personal use.

HMM: What’s your personal favorite song on “War is the Answer”?

Ivan: I don’t think I have “A” favorite but I’m really proud of the whole album to be honest with you. I think it turned out way better than we had planned. I was going through a divorce so Walk Away is a pretty painful piece for me. You know what? Dying Breed is probably my favorite song on the whole entire album. The chorus on it just turned out amazing. Matt actually put the rif together for it and it just turned out to be a great piece. It just happens it was the last song that we worked on for the album. It didn’t sound like we had an entire album yet and Matt came to the table with this rif and he nailed it. Brought it home for us. So that one is probably my favorite.

HMM: How did you guys choose Bad Company for the cover?

Ivan: Because we wanted a timeless song. When we decided to do a cover we wanted something we could really sink our teeth into but at the same time maybe something my mom and my father would have enjoyed and the new generation of kids can enjoy as well. It’s just a beautiful piece of music, man; it has already stood the test of time. Bad Company is one of the all time great bands so it was a no brainer for us.

HMM: How does it feel to move up from second stage to the main stage at Mayhem?

Ivan: The only real difference is that the kids aren’t allowed to move. A lot of times there’s seating out there. So that’s a little bit different. We’re used to stirring up a lot of chaos when we have shows. It’s just a little different when you have seats, but we turned around and put a lot of money into the production so the stage show is bigger because there’s a lot of people in lawn chairs up in the green and we wanted to be able to reach out to them as well. I’m really really proud of how this band has grown though, man; I got to tell ya. It’s radical to think about how when we started out we’d look out and see 50 or a hundred kids and now we’re talking twelve to fifteen thousand everyday. It’s killer.

HMM: What is the scoop on your new stage production and does your mic stand really weigh 350 pounds?

Ivan: Well we all sat down and put our heads together and decided what we wanted. You know, this isn’t our first barbeque. Jeremy had a great idea of what he wanted to do with his drums and the riser. Me and Zoltan put our heads together with the kabuki which is the red flag that drops in the beginning. The mic stand was built by a company in the UK called Alchemy. We got together with them and we went over some ideas of what I wanted it to look like and it came out badass. I mean I love that stand, man. It’s my baby. 350 pounds of pure steel. You can’t beat it.

HMM: You guys killed it in Denver, what was that like for you?

Ivan: Yeah man, that’s the home town so for me it’s a “Show up or Shut up” situation. I’m really good friends with Willie and Uncle Nasty (from KBPI). Especially having my daughter there and my family we really want to show up and let them know that Dad is doing good at what he wants to do.

HMM: What’s up next for Five Finger Death Punch?

Ivan: After Mayhem we are going out on the road with Godsmack and after that we are going into the studio to make a new album.

HMM: What do you think the release date for the new album will be?

Ivan: We are looking at early April.

Cover Photo by: Nadia Guardado


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