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Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup interview

29 March 2010 No Comment

Bowling For Soup needs an introduction like I need anorexia therapy. They have put out 10 albums which have sold millions of copies, been nominated for a Grammy, toured the world several times over and write some of the catchiest pop-punk songs on the planet. Recently I did a video interview with Jaret Reddick where we just made dick jokes for 5 minutes so I wanted to follow that bit of hilarity up with an email interview to hopefully get some non-dick joke related info for BFS fans. (This interview is certified 95% dick joke free.)

HMM: The new album is called “Sorry For Partyin’” You’re not actually sorry for partyin’ are you? What’s the story on the name?

Jaret: It is actually the most sarcastic of names ever…Comes from a time when Chris woke up after a long night on the bus….I think he managed to throw up and or pee on everyone and everything in the place…ha…As we described his actions from the night before he shrugged and said “Sorry For Partin”…It seemed like a fitting name for album 10/ year 15 of BFS….WE get a lot of shit for not taking ourselves seriously and being in our 30’s and still writing songs about farts, beer and girls…man…Why would anyone in a band THIS fun ever wanna grow up?!?

HMM:The current singles off the new album are "My Wena" and "No Hablo Ingles" what's the scoop on the inspiration for those tunes and what's your Wena's real name and where can fans send Wena presents?

Jaret: My Wena has been named "Cowboy" since the 3rd grade…Unless you are referring to the CLEAN video and wondering the name of the weiner dog…They belong to my neighbor and their names are Rusty and Buddy…They RULE!!!
"No Hablo" is a song I have wanted to write for years…I just finally found the right riff!

HMM: The 2010 tour schedule for BFS looks very busy. What tours are on the books and what can the worldwide fans of BFS expect? Any festival gigs in the works?

Jaret: for sure….We will do our first ever acoustic tour in the UK in April…Then we will have some sporadic shows during May/ June, but our main focus will be new music….(I know…already?!?!) We will be in the UK and Europe in July and then China and possibly some other countries in that part of the world later in the summer…whew!…I am already tired again…

HMM: Any other BFS releases hitting in 2010? Scoop! We want the scoop! (Internet armbar has been whooped on you! No escape.) What about any other shwag for the fans like DVDs n such?

Jaret: Hoping to release album 11 later this year….fingers crossed!!

HMM: You have started your own label called Crappy Records which has earned a name for signing some very promising up and comers such as Skyfox and The Leftovers. How did you choose these bands and what are you looking for in future Crappy Records bands? Any other bands on the Crappy Records radar?

Jaret: The label started when my partners (Linus of Hollywood and Carl Caprioglio) just wanted an outlet for bands we were working with, or that we just LIKED….It is a super low key label and we are really focused on the current roster right now, but always looking for hard working bands that kick ass…The main thing we are looking for is drive and determination…And amazing songs….
HMM:What other personal projects in the works?

Jaret: Man…I have so much…Obviously BFS keeps me really busy…Crappy too (www.crappyrecords.com)…I also am doing music videos now (www.builtbyninjas.com). that acually kinda started while doing to Skyfox video for "Runaway"…We just finished a new video for MC LARS for the song "Twenty-Three" and a video for the band Palmdale for the song "Here comes the Summer"….I am also writing a lot for other bands and artists, as well as working on Phineas and Ferb (we do the theme) when I can. Those guys are amazing….

2011 and beyond? What does BFS have cookin?

Who knows…I just know we are far from done! We have tons of shit left to do!!



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