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Lola Black: Badassery at its Finest

1 May 2011 8 Comments

Cover Photo by: Stu Kennedy

Lola Black the band and Lola Black the woman have a boot they would like to kick your face in with. And of course the reason they are on the cover of Hollywood Music Magazine is because it is a black leather boot that you will be very happy to be kicked with. Teeth are just a luxury anyways. Lola Black play the lost art of female fronted dirty punk rock (Or as they like to call it: Asshole Rock.) with tunes that are driving, attitude slinging and loose, but always in the pocket. They write songs that you not only can’t forget but also make you want to bust off the volume controls and toss them out of your window right about the time you say, “Hello Officer.” Launching out of Denver, Colorado Lola Black and their fans, which call themselves the “Borracho Drinking Team”, are bringing back all the dirty fun that makes gutter punk worth while.

Tell me why Lola Black doesn’t suck.

Lola: Well we don’t literally suck. We don’t suck each other off. (Laughs) We don’t suck because we are breaking the rules and we’re doing music that nobody else has done. We are tightrope walking between punk rock and metal and we have found the even medium.

What’s the bands motto?

Lola: Borracho! (Laughs) that would probably have to be our motto. Actually! I have a better one: Never write a song that you can’t play drunk.

Why should people go see you live in concert?

Lola: We’re all over the place. You never know what we are going to do on stage or are gonna say. We have no filters what-so-ever. Sometimes we should but we don’t. I’ve never had a filter on this mouth not even when I was a kid. I was the one cussing on the playground. I would write bad words in my notebooks and hide them from my mom.

Are you writing some new tunes these days?

Lola: We are, we are hoping to have our new EP released this Halloween we have a total of four new songs so far and one of them we are debuting tomorrow that’s how new they are. One of the songs is about self medicating which we all known to do time to time. One of the songs is about hitting the road and just enjoying punk rock shows.

So what really pisses you off?

Lola: Well what really pisses me off is bands that want to sit around and critique other bands and talk about how shitty other bands music is when their music is equally as shitty instead of being supportive. That really pisses me off. I almost said the haters piss me off, but they don’t. They actually fuel me.

Is there anything you would like to say to the haters out there?

Lola: I even say it one of our songs, Lola Black is always around, you remember that.

So what about the people who love you?

Lola: We have the most amazing fans ever. They are very supportive. They like to party. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be doing this obviously. It’s good that they can relate a lot and when I get pissed off I start a riot and get everyone pissed off right along with me. It’s pretty funny though because even at a couple shows somebody will say something and it’s like “HEY! Are you talking shit?” And the fans just turn around and mob after the guy. Nothing like the Borracho Drinking Team. You can’t beat ‘em. That’s what we call our fans and our friends.

What are the goals for Lola Black for 2011?

Lola: The goals are to keep it up with the new song writing, to go on tour once the new EP is released and to hit it all hard and make it to our quest to Red Rocks. So just hittin’ it hard.

Who would you like to go on tour with?

Lola: NOFX!!! (Laughs). NOFX or hell, I mean, even the Deftones. I just saw a Deftones show and I was like “Oh My God!” we totally could have done this. We would have totally fit right in there. NOFX and Deftones are actually two of my all time favorite bands and it’s kind of weird because they are nothing alike. So I like to bring elements from the two. Oh! Can I add one more? In This Moment, I absolutely love Maria Brink. She’s how I learned how to scream. Between her and Chino. That’s how I learned how to scream was from them two. It’s crazy.

Lola Black have won basically every award the Denver scene has to give out, been covered majorly by all the local press, and can no longer be considered Colorado’s best kept secret. Check out the band and their Asshole Rock tunes at:






  • Robert said:

    Lola Black is badass! Great article on the best band in the rocky mountain region! Hopefully now they will get the national recognition that they deserve.

  • PaulieJ said:

    Excellent article Groovey on one of the best up and coming bands in Colorado, onward to the finals and to Red Rocks! Borracho Drinking Team 4 Life! I’m too far gone, I don’t need you to save me.

  • JMoon said:

    Congrats to Lola and the band. Great article! Lola Black is always around, you remember that. JMoon ♪♫♪

  • drsatan said:

    Great article on easily one of the best and most unique bands in Colorado. Lola Black always gives everything they’ve got, that’s why the Barracho Drinking Team keeps showing up in full force. 2011 is going to show that Lola Black is just getting started. Next stop, Red Rocks.

  • RCervantes14 said:

    Lola Black has taken over the punk scene in CO and will continue to dominate! Here comes the Borracho’s Red Rocks!! Love you guys!!

  • candlefiend said:

    Great musicians and kick ass stage show. I have seen them many times since they began. Always a fun show. Talented & extraordinarily gifted musicians that should be shared with the world!!! Lola sounds as good as she looks!

  • mr.bungle39 said:

    Nice article. This band is definitely going places. Great stage presence, unique look, and strong songs.

  • KeriIsSoVery said:

    Are you ready for melt-your-face-off music? Go see Lola Black. Amazing stage presence and fun, down to earth band members. Red Rocks has another thing coming.

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