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Mary Magdalan

27 February 2011 No Comment

“In your face” would be the weakest description possible for Mary Magdalan. “Through your skull” would be closer. Mary Magdalan’s music is a powerful genre crushing mix of badassery that she herself calls “Hood Rock” and I call. “Hit the play button again.” With numerous national tours under the Magdalan wheels and many more planned, a very successful CD entitled R.I.P. tucked in the belt, the hugely cool Fear and Loathing mixtape just released, an entire clothing and accessory line called HARDCORTURE recently showcased and a new CD for 2011 currently being recorded there’s a very good chance that if your 2011 didn’t start with Mary Magdalan by the time December hits you’ll be telling your friends you’ve been Hood Rockin for years. Here’s the interview:

You describe your sound as “Hood Rock” for people who haven’t become your fans yet what does that mean?

Hood Rock is so LBC it’s not even funny. After we finished our first album ‘Pity Girl’ we needed a change of pace. Hollywood has a way of doing that to people. So we moved down to Long Beach, which is pretty ghetto. We’re all from New York so we’re all accustomed to the hood. The vibe down there is more our style. You got gang members riding skateboards & beach cruisers. You got the swap meets and classic cars bouncing on hydraulics. You got punkers and a rich history of punk rock in the city. And you got the beach. It’s kind of a world within its own. So when you are surrounded by these types of people every day you start to be influenced by your society. You’ve got hip hop, techno, rock, punk, metal, dubstep. All of these sounds are in our culture and in our iPods. Why not make them into one sound? The only boundaries that we have as musicians are the one’s we set upon ourselves. So with us we immediately avoided making genre specific music. I mean who the hell needs another Avenged Sevenfold or Kanye or Marilyn Manson? Isn’t one enough? So we just blended all the sounds that we loved into one sound. We were gonna call the sound ‘Fuck Your Genre’ but Hood Rock worked out good for us.

What was it like putting the Fear and Loathing Mixtape together? Why did you choose those songs? Were any songs left on the floor because they didn’t work out?

Fear & loathing was really fun. DJ Ray (aka Gzus) is like Dr. Frankenstein when it comes to mixtapes. He really does something special and original that sets him apart from any other mixtape DJ on the planet. He presented me with the first five ideas which ended up being ‘Huffin Shit’, ‘The Amrican Dream’ & the first part of the ‘Politics Guns & Maggots’ which was just at that point the cover of ‘My Michelle’. I was blown away. At first it was pretty scared to be on tracks with not only some of the biggest names in music (Jay-Z, Li’l Wayne, Lady Gaga) but to also to be doing duet style material with some of my idols. But once I got into it, I was all about it. We started recording it in between tours last year and it just fell together on its own. We had a bunch of joints that didn’t make it, including a cover of ‘Check My Brain’ by the new Alice in Chains, This vicious Hood Rock version of ‘You’re a Jerk’ but it was a diss record and I didn’t want to put my business out there. Oh also I had a song with Corey Taylor that was on ‘Get Your Freak On’ by Missy. It was on some Hood Rock shyt, so it was more of a punk rock song. The sad thing is the hard drive that held all the music from Fear & Loathing died so none of that material will ever see the light of day.

Lady Gaga is on one of the mixtape songs if you had her budget what would your next video be like?

It would be some off the wall bananas type shyt! I would bring in Marlon Brando, Michael Jordan and John Wayne Gacy. Then I would have them fight Wee Man & Jack Black in a tub of neon green jello. Then I would come flying in on a humungous spaceship driven by Justin Bieber’s grandmother who is dressed up like Darth Vader. Then I would be carried around like Cleopatra by a bunch of Snookies, those beasty characters from the Jersey Shore South Park Episode. That’s just the first five seconds of the video. If you give me some time I will give you the next five.

Speaking of videos “The Dark Passenger” is a wicked awesome piece of video making. Tell me about how that all came about and about who the Dark Passenger is.

The video was just another case of us just pushing the envelope. That was our Hood Rock version of ‘Thriller’. We always want to do it big and ‘The Dark Passenger’ was just that. We had so much material on ‘R.I.P.’ that we could have done each of the videos separately, but that’s just not our style. We wanted to take the viewer into the mind of a killer and have you like her. There is a little Dark Passenger in all of us. Some more than others. *wink*

What’s the status of the new album you are working on? What can we expect musically and sound wise from this album? Are you working with any producers? Any potential release date yet? Is there an album title yet?

We’ve actually been recording practically every day since we got off tour in November. This new album is going to shed a different light the Mary Magdalan experience. Since I started making music I have grown spiritually, with a lot of help from my music and my fans. Just as much as it was healing point for fans who may have experienced things in life that I had, it was very healing for me to feel accepted by them.

With ‘Pity Girl’ I just got clean & sober. I was fighting my demons head on. To be honest I was scared to death throughout the entire process. The only thing I can compare it to is running through a haunted house with your eyes closed. That was me on ‘Pity Girl’.

Literally two days after we finished recording ‘Pity Girl’ we were writing songs that would eventually be on our next album. During that entire time of writing and recording ‘R.I.P.’ was a very dark time for me. I was clean but in no way was I happy. I harbored a lot of pain & guilt that I felt like i was in purgatory. Then one day I just woke up and realized that my life is what I make of it. Pretty simple stuff. Ever since that moment I never looked back. So this new album is my rebirth. If you listen to my albums you will feel that in them. You will hear that fear in ‘Pity Girl’. You will feel like you’re walking with me through purgatory on ‘R.I.P.’, especially on second CD. Now its time to walk amongst the rest of us with all my dirty little secrets.

The sound will always be Hood Rock because you can’t really compare us to one band. Usually people will say, “They sound like this band, this band & this band”. From a songwriting standpoint I went through some tough relationships with people that I held dear to me, so my songwriting has been more primal, then per se, on my last two albums where my writing was engulfed in my personal demons.

The sound is definitely evolving. Some of it is hard house/dubstep with these crunchy guitars. Some of it sounds like if Dre & Black Sabbath did a track together. It’s some of the best stuff we have ever made. We haven’t set a release date or an album title yet, but we plan on releasing a lot of music this year.

There’s a new single available called “I used 2 Love You” what’s the story behind that song and why did you choose it for a single?

That song is just an example of what happens in some bad relationships. We have all either been there or had to console someone who was going through that. And the one thing about those situations that when it’s finally over there is a sense of empowerment that helps wash away the pain. That’s is what that song is about. That moment. We made the song in a night so we decided it would be a good anti-Valentines day song that would make some people feel better about that pressured holiday. So we dropped it.

What are your touring plans for 2011? What videos do you have planned for the year? Anything else cool coming for the fans this year?

We plan on touring our asses off this year. We got in two tours last year but that’s not enough. We wanna be everywhere in 2011 and we taking the steps forward to do that now. Our focus this year is making a ton of music and getting out on the road as much as we possibly can.

You have a whole line of clothing, accessories, eyewear, and etc. Tell me about how that all came about and who is doing the designing and what you have planned for future designs.

We are on our second season of our clothing line Hardcorture. The name is the combination of hardcore living and couture style, which is very us. Our new line is launching in April and is hotter and sexier than our last season, so we are extremely proud of that. We have tops, pants, jackets, accessories and eyewear. We aim to bring the rockstar to your closet, from head to toe.

What would your dream tour be?

If it was my dream tour the first thing I would want is to bring back my trusted roadie/lighting extraordinaire Joe Capps, who recently passed. Then I would have to get Lady Gaga. Joe is gonna need some help with those road cases and from what I hear she’s a monster.
With my road crew in tact then Imma get Michael Jackson. Then The new Jimi Hendrix Experience with Cliff Burton on bass & Dimebag on second guitar. Then I would have to bring back the original Guns-n-Roses.

What really pisses you off?

Animal abuse. I have 3 dogs. And I have very little tolerance for people who pick on defenseless animals. It’s pretty weak.

If you were facing unbeatable and fatal odds what song would you want to check out to?

I’d probably go down to the ocean and hear the sound of the universe. It always sings the most beautiful melodies to me.

If you could ask yourself one question what would it be?

What day is it?

Anything else you would like your fans, friends or enemies to know about?

That I cant wait to meet them all face to face sooner than later : ]




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