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Matt Snell

20 December 2013 7 Comments

December-Cover-2013-SM(By Groovey) Well I have said it many times before but the bands with the worst names make the best music. My Acumen’s first EP is so badass it’s going to make it onto my top 10 for 2013. Where exactly on the list it will land I don’t know yet because 2013’s chubby chick ain’t done yodeling yet. You will find the download link for the EP in the interview.  Here is My Acumen’s Matt Snell on who the new guitar players are, the scoop on their upcoming EP release, and what is up next for My Acumen.

What’s the news of the My Acumen guitar player situation?

Matt Snell: So I had a bunch of dudes from other major label bands and they were willing to be touring people but we wanted to have people in the band who would commit to it 100%. So we finally got that figured out: They are Lamont Edgar (Maya Hyena, Son of Sanford) and Andy Nixon (Eyes on Fire). Lamont’s been around my circle for a long time and he’s only like two hours away from me here up in Reno so we have been working for a while and Andy Nixon is from Indianapolis and our singer Mike Gerdts turned me onto him and he has been doing some writing.

So they basically came in through the family it wasn’t through an ad or media campaign?

Matt Snell: Lamont had actually hit me up because he saw that I was looking for a guitar player a while ago. He’s been working with us for the last six months or so but we didn’t have anything solid yet so we were waiting to see because I do all the records myself. I do all the recording and all the work myself, except I did drum tracking with Josh Newell and the EP was Mixed by Dan Certa, and Lamont has been coming out from where he lives which is just a couple of hours and working on stuff. It’s been working out really well. Andy came in as a result of because he has been keeping an eye on this project for a while and he knows our singer really well. So we got to talking, things worked out great with him, things are going really well and we are very excited. We have a couple songs up on the Facebook page already. Give us a quick “Like” it only takes a few seconds. https://www.facebook.com/MyAcumen

Now what’s happening with the EP release?

Matt Snell: On December 23rd at 12:01am it will become available for download at http://www.myacumenmusic.com/music/. We decided that in the spirit of the season that we would do a free download of our first EP. What we have done is taken the first five songs we have; we have a couple up on the page now to give people a taste, but we’re going to have five song available for free download and we are giving them away because we want people to hear the music. There’s way too much emphasis from bands trying to make money and personally I don’t believe in Kickstarter programs and asking people for money to make a record for you. We made a record and we like what we did with it: Some songs to find a direction and these songs are our best attempt at being radio friendly but the newer stuff that we are writing now are definitely more technical and definitely less arranged in the radio format. It was fun to write those first songs, we really like what we have so far and we are not going to stray too far from it, but we have some very talented players in this band. And with me my favorite bands are Floyd and Opeth and old Sabbath stuff like that. Bands like Intronaut which is one of my favorite bands and Mastodon so we’re going to start experimenting and back to what I used to play when I enjoyed playing. When it was fun.

What can people expect to get with the free download of the EP?

Matt Snell: It’s going to be the five songs and some minimal artwork. We are a do-it-yourself band and we are not trying to wave one hand while we screw you with the other. I think there’s enough going on in the media today as it is. It’s not a smoke and mirrors thing I am not going to be selling you trinkets and treasures and everything in the world to get you to buy a record. It’s a gift to everybody. I want people to hear the music more than I want the money. That way we can more forward, keep evolving and do even more fun and creative stuff.

What’s next for the band?

Matt Snell: We are currently wrapping up a whole ‘nother set of songs, working on the more experimental stuff and having fun with it. And I’m an engineer and have been for years so it’s nice to get back to create new sounds and find new sounds which haven’t been used or at least haven’t been overused. Focusing less on monetary reward and focus on personal reward by creating songs that you want to listen to. Our end goal is to write a complete album that you can listen to front to back and that hasn’t happened for a long time. Not for me anyway. That happened for me when I was a young child which was the end of that era and I think that needs to come back. We are trying to make a good record and that is our total focus. We want to make a good record.



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