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Maximum Exposure

19 June 2010 No Comment

Photos by: Daniel Meron
A showcase of 40 bands on 3 stages is not a new concept, but Maximum Exposure is so much more than that.  Held at the Waterfront Concert theater on June 6, 2010 in Marina Del Rey overlooking the marina, the event put on by Revolutionary Entertainment, is not just a showcase for independent bands to play for fans or make new ones.  It is the opportunity to get your music in the minds of some people that can make a difference in those bands visions for the future.

While there are many “battle of the bands” events throughout the country, the focus then becomes on who wins the battle.  Maximum Exposure isn’t a competition, nor was it designed to be.  Just as important as the show itself, is the VIP pre-party held the week before, as well as the Artist Development consultation with premiere music executives like Loren Israel and Peter Davis.

Fueled by great performances from a wide range of bands; including a stage devoted to acoustic performances, the support of clothing lines and media coverage by Hollywood Music, hot chicks from Pepz Pizza, 500 people in attendance and a beautiful setting, the third installment of Maximum Exposure and day long parade of bands was a rousing success.

Loren Israel’s, whose music involvement began as a guitar player for a national touring band, and is an A & R executive for Capitol Records, involvement in Maximum Exposure is a key component to the event.  At the pre-party, I sat in as Loren listened to each bands demos and essentially criticizes them, whether good or bad, with frank honesty.  Some bands have a hard time receiving such criticism, especially since they are used to hearing from their local shows filled with friends and family, how amazing they are.  But for those bands that truly have the goal of being the best they can be, such criticism from people like Loren Israel can be invaluable.  Loren is responsible or credited with hand in signing such acts as Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s, Less Than Jake, Sugarcult and the list goes on.  He is also a producer and manager and is considered an authority in artist development.  In addition to the pre-show critique, each bands involvement in the show gets them a 2 week artist development slot with Loren.

While at Maximum Exposure, I had the opportunity to sit down with Loren and discuss the event and his role.  Given his background and 20 years experience in the industry, Revolutionary Entertainment approached Loren about the value he adds to the event and in working with the bands.  Loren’s experience with RE and it’s principals has always been very straight forward and he was glad to work with them in the production.  As mentioned before, this was the third installment of Maximum Exposure, the first 2 in January and March, respectively.  Mr. Israel has been involved in each and conceded that this Marina Del Rey show overall yielded the most talent.  He went on further to say that some of the bands that performed definitely have some great components; yet his advice to all bands, whether in attendance or not, looking to achieve success in music consists of four (4) components:  songs, a production model, an aesthetic (image) and a “hustle.”

We did expand further on his opinion about image.  Israel preaches to his clients that while looks and images vary, you should always project when you walk in a room, that you are so hip and so cool that you have to be a rock star; that just from looking at you; it is obvious you are “unemployable,” so you must be a rock star.  He admits that achieving that success today is much harder than it was 20 years ago, but also points out it is probably harder to be a major league baseball player today than it was 20 years ago and that bands today have to have that dedication and desire to be truly excellent.  That greatness pours over into all aspects of their music.  They have to be great to their fans, have great production, have great live performance, have a great fan base and of course write great songs.  The last two areas are where Loren feels that many bands fall short, especially in songwriting.  “None of these bands know what a great song is, they have no concept of history,” meaning that today’s generation of bands listens to current music; however, everyone in the music business, at some point went back, listened and immersed themselves in the true greatness that is the history of musical genius that preceded the contemporary form of the art.

The Maximum Exposure model was created by Trevor Blair of Revolutionary Entertainment.  In discussing ME with Trevor, the concept was to combine independent bands in a showcase before music industry A&R people, music supervisors and internet media.  Trevor iterates that these areas are primary to the success to bands getting to where they want to go and gives them a taste of what it is like to work with legitimate members of the industry.  The VIP pre-party, not open to the public, is central to the opportunity to these independent artists, as it gives them the chance to sit down with the music industry people to actually learn and absorb what they need to do, as opposed to just performing in front of them and hoping they are doing it right.

Trevor and Revolutionary Entertainment has gone to great lengths to create a format that not only gives all these independent bands an event that gets their music and performance in front of potential fans, but also for them to gain exposure from people that may help their career.  The typical band seeks money to tour and record, which is an obvious goal.  Also involved in the event is Peter Davis, a music coordinator that has worked with artists and licensed music for shows such as MTV’s “Real World” E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” and “The Simple Life,”  as well  as shows on Lifetime and Oxygen.  Peter is a huge supporter of local music and goes to 3 or 4 shows a week.  Davis’ involvement and the opportunity his field gives to bands is also invaluable as it relates to getting where you want to go.

Hollywood Music was honored to cover the event and thank Trevor and Revolutionary Entertainment for the professional production from all of his crew.  The bands were great, the music keep rocking all day long, fantastic crowd and a scenic venue that served the event well.  Whether you are a fan that wants to see some great music in a festival type domain or an independent band looking for the chance to get your music in front of some people that may make a huge difference on getting farther in your career; Maximum Exposure is an event you definitely want to be a part of.


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