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My Favorite Scar

1 September 2010 No Comment

My Favorite Scar out of The Netherlands have just released their self titled debut album on the Universal Music Netherlands label to extremely solid global reviews and a rabid fan reaction overall. Having been in the musical ass-kicking business for several years now My Favorite Scar is no stranger to success and is one of Holland’s bigger and definitely better bands. MFS have toured Europe extensively and played with some small little indie bands nobody has ever heard of like Kiss and Megadeth. (That’s a joke for those of you that are sarcasm deficient.) Creators of the metal subgenre of “Dark Rock” My Favorite Scar are quickly being embraced by metal and rock fans all across this spinning mudball that we are all fortunate enough to be on. Very recently My Favorite Scar’s vocalist Jay and I spoke about the band and the new CD. Here’s the goods:

HMM: The new album just dropped. How is it doing?

Jay: Everything is going really well. We released the album on August 6th and we entered the Top 100 album charts in Holland immediately which is really something else because it’s not often that a metal band in The Netherlands makes it on the chart. So that’s cool.

HMM: What was the writing process for the album?

Jay: The album was written over a period of 4 years. The music we make we call it “Dark Rock” which is a name for all the different styles of music that we like. We are into the heavy stuff and the heavy songs but also the more atmospheric and dark mellow songs. We were focused on putting an album together like that so if we had 6 or 7 really heavy tracks then we would only use 4 just because we want have similar dynamics to the album as well. We wanted to have the best songs on the record and make it like a book. You have several chapters in a book and we wanted to build the album up like a book. Which reads from beginning to end.

HMM: So is this a concept album then?

Jay: It’s not a concept album but a lot of stuff happened in those 4 years while we were writing the album. We had some tragic deaths of people that we knew really well, our producer was in hospital a few times, and a lot of other stuff that happened along the way so we wrote songs about those subjects. We wrote songs about people you lose along the way, betrayal in relationships, and things like that. It’s not really happy stuff. It’s just cathartic to express yourself in such a way and throw every emotion out there that you have.

HMM: What was it like working with producer Oscar Holleman?

Jay: Some people might know him from his work with Within Temptation and he’s worked with several other well known bands here in Holland. He’s worked with many international acts as well. He’s really talented and I think he’s the only producer over here in Holland who knows how My Favorite Scar should sound. I think he’s the best producer around here and he’s become a friend because we’ve been so tight for 4 years recording the album. Making deadlines and making everything work, from writing the first songs to the album release, and with all that stuff that happened along the way. He was there from the very beginning and we owe him everything. So we are very grateful for his part in making the album.

HMM: Where did the band name My Favorite Scar come from?

Jay: Actually it started out as a song. We had a song called “My Favorite Scar” which is about the death of my mother. It’s not really about her death it’s more a song to remember loved ones by I think. Me and the guitarist Evan are brothers and we wrote this song together. It became a very important song in the band because the band members of My Favorite Scar have all lost 1 or 2 parents. It became a song which really describes the memory of someone that you were very close to but now is gone. That’s why it is called “My Favorite Scar”. The scar is not an open wound any more. It used to be an open wound, now it’s a scar, but because it’s such a special one we call it My Favorite Scar. We thought because of that theme it would be a great band name as well because it suits what we want to bring across as a band.

HMM: What’s up next for My Favorite Scar?

Jay: Well the next single will be “This Poison Love” it’s coming out this month and we will be recording a video for it as well. It will be on youtube so everybody can check it out. We wrote it with Ben Moody of Evanescence. He heard our first single “Waste” and he heard it through his manager and we got in contact with each other. Then we asked him to come over and if he wanted to do a writing session with us and he said, “Great”. So we sat in the studio for a day and came out with 2 songs and one of them is “This Poison Love”. So look for the new video to be posted in late September.


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