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Post Modern Heroes

1 November 2010 No Comment

‘…Get up and strap your boots on
this is a revolution
this is for real this is for real
make no mistake about it
tonight I am the truth..’

About six months ago I went to Seattle’s Club Motor to see a band I had been hearing a buzz about. Post Modern Heroes. The word was they were are the best Rock Band to come out of Seattle in years. A few other local bands opened up for them and as is my nature I shoot everything, so my Nikons were warm and ready for what was to become, “The Introduction”.

And so it begins. Imagine this. Take Jim Morrison, Ian Astbury, David Bowie and Godzilla and squish them all together and out poops Travis Bracht. Former lead singer of Second Coming. Travis has honed and refined his vocal styling to the nth degree, creating a style that is both timeless and current.

‘…welcome to my first resurrection
the time has come for me to rise
dust off the ashes of the normal
you mother fuckers are in for a big surprise…’

Standing underneath and shooting up from the pit one has to take care not to get chunks of lung on your lens. At times sounding like he is literally going to turn inside out, the dynamic control and tonal differences this charismatic behemoth creates are both awe inspiring and enjoying to listen to in the extreme. You just can’t help getting wrapped up in his energy.

In the very small and under lit club the sound compressed like a Supernova ready to let go. Guitars wailing in harmonic fashion and the pulses of the bass guitar and drums compelling the lyrics to explode forth with gut wrenching force only to seamlessly morph into the most beautiful tones you might ever hear come from the mouth and heart of a man.

At some point during the set Brachts son takes the helm with microphone in hand and assumes the position of front man belting out the words to the song he has been singing under his breath. Waiting in the wings with family and friends he watches his father further himself down the path he has set for he and his band mates, to bring to all who will listen a true Rock Band. Gritty. Raw. Honest.

TRAVIS: “We are making music that we like, that feels good.
All we are doing is tweaking an already existing market…and that’s just raw ass rock and roll.

It started with Zepplin, like the simple shit we like to do, it started with AC DC”.

Fast Forward six months. Post Modern Heroes this day share the stage with Godsmack, Shinedown, Drowning Pool, Sevendust, Black Label Society and Puddle of Mud. Pain In The Grass 2010. An event anticipated by nearly 20,000 anxiously awaiting fans all summer.

Guitarists Rich and Tim begin running through their sound check rituals and their amps are screaming. Fred on drums and Robot on bass start a pulse. A few moments later and the sound comes through the mains. First stage left and then right. Like awakening a sleeping giant the spirit of the band comes to life sending shivers up the back of my neck. Release the hounds.

PMH trademark everything black with white racing stripes. The drums, The Guitars, The Microphone, The bass, The clothes, The shoes, everything, including mohawked hair of Bassist Robot. Just about the only thing that isn’t Black and White today is the Red Robe Bracht emerges with to start the show and his pink socks which you can clearly see even from the back of the venue. The red robe comes off, Bracht surveys the crowd, smiles, and within seconds PMH begin to play the set of their lives.

‘ …The truth is standing right before you
the shit is gonna hit the fan
go make your peace with those you pray to?
the end is here.. the end is here….’

Article and photos By: Geoffrey “Grib” Gribbin

Post Modern Heroes Is pleased to announce the Release of their Debut Self Titled C.D. Nov 20 2010 Seattle Wa.

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Tim (G)
Rich (G)
Fred (D)
Robot (B)


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