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Rockstar Mayhem Festival ’12: The Total Experience

29 July 2012 No Comment

(By Brandy Cordova) The 2012 Mayhem Festival made it’s stop in Colorado on Sunday, July 8, 2012 at the Comfort Dental Amphitheatre in Englewood. Included in the line up was Upon a Burning Body, White Chapel, As I Lay Dying, Asking Alexandria, Anthrax, Devil Wears Prada, Motorhead, Slayer and Slipknot. Doors opened at 1 PM with lots of people waiting to start their Sunday of metal mayhem.

After weeks of intense heat with temperatures in the upper 90’s and plus, it was a much needed break and relief to have overcast skies and eventual rain. Nobody melted this festival go-round. People were in good moods and the sights and sounds were amazing.

White Chapel threw down nicely after Upon a Burning Body got the crowd riled up. White Chapel got the crowd moving; and I mean literally. During their second song, the barricade by the press entrance completely fell over, I managed to jump out of the way just in time and then security had to start zip-tying the barricades together. Mayhem at it’s finest.

As I Lay Dying and Asking Alexandria each threw down to an ever-growing crowd. A little after 5 PM, Anthrax took stage to close out the Jagermeister stage for the night. I unfortunately missed them play. I did get to see them on my birthday last October, so I can only imagine how awesome it was.

Devil Wears Prada opened up the Rockstar Energy Main stage at 6 PM to a pretty well packed amphitheater. Motorhead followed to the delight of many a fan who missed their would-have-been last performance at Gigantour this past February. Motorhead had to cancel that night due to Lemmy losing his voice. Ok, confession time…I don’t get star struck, but I was in awe watching Lemmy walk into the press area, head towards backstage, behind Matthew Zinke as he was running the camera during one of Groovey’s interviews.

Another slightly  awe inspiring moment, was almost backing into Kerry King as he was making his way through the press area! But leave it to me, to not realize who it was until I walked into the pit during Slayer! I have not seen Slayer live before, so I was blown away by not only realizing who I almost ran into, literally, but by their performance as well. WOW.

Headliners Slipknot most definitely were the highlight of the night. They are not only one of my favorite bands, but to be honest, it was the first time for me to see them live. Yes, I admitted that. It was a second for me that night to see a band for the first time! I was pretty damn excited.

They started with a short intro, then full blast Slipknot craziness! Amazing-ness ensued for the next hour. I swear, their set-list was made for me; they played all my favorite songs. Their stage prescence was phenomenal, even with being short two band members. The lights, fire, rotating drum sets, all of it was insane! The highlight of the set, was the last four songs: “Duality”, “Spit It Out”, “People = Shit”, and the closer, “Surfacing”. The much needed rain began, almost as if it was choreographed. What could get better than that?


(By Groovey) Like I have said many times before if you cut me I bleed Slipknot so when I heard that my favorite band was headlining the metal head’s Christmas known as Mayhem Fest I got giddy and stayed giddy: Which is pretty darn hard to do for 8 months but when Slayer and Anthrax and Motorhead were added the news just kept getting better.  Then I heard As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel, and Asking Alexandria were gonna be there and all these bands are dangerous just to watch! Holy crap can they put on a show.   Then there were the bands I haven’t seen yet like I the Breather, The Devil Wears Prada, Betraying the Martyrs, and Dirtfedd.  Total freakin radness.

So the magical day of Mayhem arrives in Denver and the Colorado Hollywood Music crew is ready for bear.  We have a bunch of interviews scheduled, a crap ton of batteries and their backups charged, and enough available memory to make the space shuttle happy.  Now, I gotta say one of the greatest joys of my life is hanging out backstage in the press area just watching all the stars of Mayhem come and go and chat and chill.  Then on top of that one of my greatest memories was when Brandy Cordova stood up from the press table and ran smack dab into Kerry King.  AWKWARD. (And hilarious.) Of course Mr. King was the perfect gentleman and let Brandy have the right of way.  So after we all started breathing again something extremely rad happened.  We ran into DJ Starscream Sid Wilson and even though interviews with Slipknot were extremely limited he was totally cool enough to sit down for a festive video interview which is below.  One quick note on Slipknot’s set is that I have seen them at least 7 times they totally destroyed and ruled the day even being two men down: Jim Root was recovering from a burst appendix and of course the tragic loss of Paul Grey.

Ps.  It was the greatest honor for me to have Roadrunner Records  place this interview with Sid Wilson on their .com.  Thank you super tons Roadrunner!

Pics and video by Matthew Zinke of Matthewknowsphotos and Stu Kennedy of SKFunphotos.


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