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Rockstar UPROAR Festival

2 September 2010 One Comment

TGFU!! (I can pretty much guarantee it doesn’t mean what you think it does.)  As I sit here watching one of the final sunsets of summer, with the 2010 Mayhem Fest a fading but still awesome memory, all I have to say is, “Thank God For Uproar!”  Seriously!  The Rockstar Uproar Fest is the hottest metal event running through September. It’s the last major outdoor metal tour rolling around this country before the “Buy 2 Parkas and Get a Free Snow Shovel!!” ad special starts at Wallymart.  The line-up is a wicked pack of headliners in and of themselves blended up with some great new talent.

The band that is actually headlining Uproar is Disturbed who are the big boys of hard rock and have sold over 11 million albums.  Their new album, which is their 5th, entitled Asylum just dropped on August 31st. Disturbed draws like crazy and their stage is covered in thrown bras every night (and mostly from women! Always a bonus.).  So even if you don’t totally dig Disturbed just watch for the topless chicken fights.  Just sayin. (ßsideways glance from the editor.)

Avenged Sevenfold is in the direct support slot and I have been a fan of these guys since the album before “Waking the Fallen”. I’m too lazy to look that title up but I’m guessing the hate mailers will inform me of my ignorance.  For the record: “Waking the Fallen” is one of the greatest albums of the last decade and I will happily scream that in the face of anyone who thinks otherwise.  Avenged Sevenfold have achieved major mainstream metal acceptance in the last few years and deservedly so.  Their last few albums have proved to the masses how talented they are.  Ps. The Rev will always be missed.

Only if you’re in freakin Slipknot would Stone Sour be considered a side project.  Stone Sour is its own animal, totally free-ranging outside of the Slipknot zoo, but the talent is equally as astonishing.  Stone Sour’s music is hard rock ‘n’ metal with some of the best song writing and lyrics that you will hear from a wicked batch of semi-radio friendly tunes blasting out of your dashboard.  The word “epic” is tossed around these days like the neighborhood cat is with your dog “Tiny” but the last time I saw Stone Sour in concert it was truly epic.  One of the best I have ever experienced.

The rest of the Uproar festival’s line up is stellar.  Hellyeah is a super group made up of Mudvayne, Damage Plan and Pantera alumni.  Hellyeah earn their name every time they play.  Halestorm are opening the main stage and I can think of no better band to handle that job on the Uproar roster.  Halestorm have a huge future in store for them and this is a great showcase for you to check them out.  Hail The Villain and New Medicine round out the day and both these bands are definitely worth checking out and adding their tunes to whatever listening device you currently abuse.

The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Fest is the last big outdoor metal festival of the year and if I know my friends and family like I think I do you will be out there with me doin’ what we do best.


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