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Ron Goudie Dishes On Grandpa Death Experience, New Album Details, and Pre-Show Rituals

26 January 2017 No Comment



Ron Goudie is an American musician, producer, and the enigmatic frontman of the Grandpa Death Experience who is currently living and working in Amsterdam.  He took time to sit down with Hollywood Music Magazine and fill us in on the band formation and their debut album, The Unforgiving Shoe of the Future.

HMM: When did Grandpa Death Experience first form?

RG: Our first gig was January 2011. We started writing and messing around with concepts and personnel around 2008.

HMM: Tell us a little bit about the band members. Is everyone local to Amsterdam?

RG: Carlos Manso – Drummer – Portuguese/Dutch

Carlos lives in West Amsterdam near me. We met at a house party when I first moved to his neighborhood in 2003. We weren’t playing yet as I still was producing, traveling, and partying a lot!

Yrjana Rankka – Guitar – Finland

Yrjana has lived in West Amsterdam for 15 years and has played in lots of local situations. He’s a real study in musicianship and the guy is an awesome player.

Roemer Verheggen – Guitar – Holland (a place called Breda)

Roemer has been in the band for just over a year and has brought a lot to the party!  He makes us sound way bigger and stronger does a lot of the heavy lifting.

HMM: With Ron producing a plethora of bands, I can imagine the stage performance of a Grandpa Death Experience show is pretty on point. What cool things could I expect to see at a live performance?

RG: Really we are about the songs mostly. There are elements from every decade running simultaneously: 60s acid rock, 70s groove, 80s punk, 90s grunge, 00s songwriting.  I like to think we are something like Social D meets Tom Waits at Leonard Cohen’s grave.   

GDX-ALBUM-cover-400-x-400-copy-for-webHMM: How long has Grandpa Death Experience been working on their debut album The Unforgiving Shoe of the Future?

RG: It took some time as I had to figure out what we were.  The tracks were cut in about five days and the overdubs took about two years.  The notable thing is that we recorded live – vocals, guitar, bass & drums – straight to 2′ tape, no click track.  That is where the production really made a difference. The records that I really like, including mine, were all made something like that – everybody playing at once, in real time.  We added some guitar lines and backup vocals as overdubs but the main core was all live.

Another thing is that I recruited some of my old buddies to help mix: Robert Feist, Rick Novak, Randy Burns, Dusty Wakeman, and Dennis Moody.  They are instrumental to the whole package. Their work is 100% topnotch professional.  Google them if you are interested in their credits as there are many outstanding artists among them. It was also my way of getting back in touch with everybody and having something to do together again.  A priceless experience.  I might add a note about Maor Appelbaum who mastered the tracks.  He really brought out the sound.  It just keeps getting better and better as time goes by.  

Mantra: Give me what I want, NOT what I ask for…..

HMM: What’s the overall theme of the TUSOFTF album?

RG: I was dealing with reanimation of life, trying to figure out what God meant (spoiler, there is no God), redemption, growing up is hard to do – that sort of shit.  

HMM: Tell readers about the band’s name, Grandpa Death Experience, and how it came to be?

RG: We were making jokes about my voice sounding like Grandpa Death. At that point, the name of the band was going to be Krakheads 4 Christ and Grandpa Death was the singer.  I played a bunch of solo shows as Grandpa Death and some people thought Krakheads 4 Christ was too fugitive so we used Grandpa Death Experience (another nod to the 60’s).

 HMM: Any plans of an upcoming tour?

RG: We’ve been touring some and will do as much as we can.  We’re expecting to get to Texas for Corn Lovers Fiesta in the fall and doing Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans and a few other places. We’re playing London and some other UK cities in the spring, plus as much of Europe as we can handle.

 HMM: Where does Grandpa Death Experience see themselves by the end of 2017?

RG: We would like to have played some festivals, will have released two more records, a ballad album called Late Blooming Corpse Flower and another rock record in the fall.  We have a disco song that will drop sometime after the ballad album, and we’ll see where that goes.  I have no allegiance to any style but to be good.  

Mantra: There are only two kinds of music, good and bad…..

HMM: Does anyone in the band have any New Year’s resolutions?

RG: Mine is to get into the studio everyday and go to the gym every other day, so far so good… and get my Dutch driver’s license.

HMM: Do the members of Grandpa Death Experience have any strange rituals before going on stage or leading up to a show?

RG: Pounding shots of whisky

HMM: What is the funniest thing you have witnessed going on in the crowd while performing on stage?

RG: Girls pulling gang bangs in the back of the room

HMM: Drug of choice?


HMM: If Hell were to freeze over today, which job would Satan give the band in his army?

RG: Crack Testers

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