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Sick of Sarah at The Roxy

30 April 2010 2 Comments

Sick of Sarah not Sick of Performing… Amid crazy fan moments and pre-gig warm ups, all-female band Sick of Sarah, has made their way to play in LA at one of the most legendary music venues in the nation – The Roxy.

The girls in the band were stoked to be playing for the crowd, and especially enjoyed opening for Killola on this tour. The crowd was there to see Killola, but it did not stop them from enjoying Sick of Sarah’s music.

“They really dug our music,” Jamie Holm, bassist, said. “It was really cool to go into it.”

The band is made up of Abisha Uhl, vocals;  Katie Murphy, guitar; Jessie Farmer, guitar; Jessica Forsythe, drums, and Holm. They created Sick of Sarah about five and a half years ago, but they’ve only had this lineup for the past six months. Originally, there were four guitar players but two of them dropped off and Farmer took up bass. When Holm’s band broke up, she joined as a bassist and Farmer was able to take up her original love of guitar.

“It was pretty organic,” Farmer said. “We met through mutual friends.”

After an organic creation, the band needed to find a name that seemed to suit them. Following a drunken night with her roommate, Uhl came up with Sick of Sarah.

“I had a roommate and her name was Sarah,” Uhl said. “She kept saying, ‘I hate my name. I’m sick of Sarah.”

Through this, the band was born. Luckily the namesake could not care less about the band using her as their band name. Laughing, the girls wished their name was more original, saying they wished they actually hated someone named Sarah.

The band started in Minneapolis, MN, although they had quite some tales on where they could be from.

“We’re from the Bermuda Triangle, if you want to know the truth,” Holm said, with a mischievous grin.

The girls continued joking and relaxing prior to their set at the Roxy on Friday, April 23. This included several pre-gig rituals like mini hand-clapping to warm up fingers and arms, vocal warm-ups and a huddle chant. Occasionally, the girls will partake in some hula-hooping warm-ups ever since performing at the same event as a group of professional hula-hoopers.

The girls, who, for the most part, have day jobs back home, try to have as much fun as they can while touring and performing.

“We want to be able to sustain a lifestyle that allows us to play music and live comfortably.” Uhl said.

While the girls play their music because it is their passion, this indie and pop-punk band, relish in their fans.

“It’s kinda surreal,” Forsythe said.

“It’s awesome,” Uhl said.

“Sometimes it’s just ‘Wow that’s dedication,’” Murphy said.

Sick of Sarah’s craziest fan experience happened when one fan sent them a long facebook message offering anything and everything to be able to go on tour with them.

“We’re picturing slave labor from this chick,” Holm said.

Whatever the offers Sick of Sarah receives, the girls are flattered by it all.

“It brings you back to why you’re doing it,” Holm said.

The girls’ inspiration range from old music, such as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Du Wop, and The Beatles, to some very recent bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Owl City. Currently, they are in pre-production for their new album, which will hopefully be finished by fall. They claim this one is a lot less pop as the last one, but that they will always stick to doing what they want to do.

“Being a woman, there’s always going to be that pressure [to be a certain way] but this is who we are,” Holm said.

To find out more about the band or to check out their music, go to http://www.sickofsarah.com/

by: Raewyn Smith



  • Jim Miller said:

    WOW. Awesome article and photos. And yeah, these girls know how to perform on stage.

  • Raewyn (author) said:

    Thanks so much Jim!

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