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SKUMLOVE Interview

1 June 2016 No Comment

June-Cover-2016-SM(By Sharkparty) SKUMLOVE are making a wicked return with their new album SINISTER MINISTER featuring special guests Burton C Bell (Fear Factory), Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), Tommy Victor (Prong), Tony Campos (Ministry, Fear Factory), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Mission UK, Peter Murphy) and produced by Roman Marisak and mastered by Bill Metoyer.  SKUMLOVE has recently signed to EMP Label Group and will be releasing their 2nd full length album SINISTER MINISTER on June 6th 2016 with a reunion show that same night at the Whisky a Go Go.

Who came up with the name for your new album Sinister Minister, and what meaning does that hold in respect to the content of the album? 

Fans picked the name. A few people at different times called me “Sinister Minister.” I am in fact an ordain minister and I have done weddings and baptisms. So I think it suites me. But for the record I am an Atheist. I believe it does go with the content of the Album. Songs like New Perversion or Disease are in that Religious contrast.

Tell us about how you became associated with “filth, debauchery, and dealings with the perverse.”

Hahaha! Well I was recruited by some high profile bands to come out on the road and do the Rock-N-Roll pimping if you will.  I was in charge of inviting the groupies backstage and pairing them with the musicians. I had plenty of my own debauchery that went down. It’s not like that some much anymore. But I gave guys like Gene Simmons a run for their money I tell you! I even had an online group called the Church of The New Perversion.

What’s the evilest thing you’ve ever done?

Well true evil is as pure as innocence… One mans Sinner is another mans Saint.

The artwork for the new album certainly exemplifies the title Sinister Minister. Walk me through the thought process a little bit and the heavy use of contrasting colors.

The Contrast in Colors happened by Accident I wanted a Red Background but when taking the photo it was not available. So after some photoshopping it changed like that and I loved it! I always fanaticized about what a true god of filth would look like. I wanted to take a photo like this so when the opportunity came about I loved it. It shows Dominance, shock, perversion and rebellious all at once. Some say it would be sexist but I had those lovely ladies in the pic really wanting to make this happen as much as I did. They are all friends and I Find them all being strong intelligent humans that can do a photo like this and make it sexy.

Has SKUMLOVE ever started a riot or been in one?

I grew up in L.A. so I have seen the L.A. Riots and lived through it. I was in two riots at the Hollywood Palladium. One being Slayer and the other being The Exploited.  One my 18th birthday I was to have a huge concert bash at the Country Club in Reseda, Ca. sold out. But the owner got scared and closed it down days before. He told the city there would be a riot and the riot police showed up on the day of and I was there in front making sure there wasn’t one. So I had been close to them.

It seems like you know everybody in the rock and metal scene. Tell us about your relationship with M Robinson and what it was like recording those first few songs in friends’ apartments?

Matthew, or as we call him Robyn Sin. We met through Dino of Fear Factory. We started hanging out just as friends and we clicked. Before we ever recorded we already told people we were in a band. But I was writing some songs with a Roland Groove Box and I called him up asked him to come over and hear it. He brought his Guitar heard it twice and told me to press record.  That day our love affair with this band began.

Who is the scariest boogeyman and or what is the scariest myth/legend you know?

Donald Trump! Hahahaha! The Human Ego.  Its fucking Scary and it comes in many forms.

What was it like working with some of the fear factory guys and a few old friends on this album?

Well Dino, Burt and I have known each other since before Fear Factory. And when I first put the band together and started to play out Dino actually joined Skumlove and played with us for 2 plus years.  But it this was the first time recording with him and Burt. They recorded on different songs at different times. Also Having Tommy Victor who is one of my favorite guitarists and songwriters was great! He pushed me into a new realm of writing I was not use to but I was ready for a challenge. And With that, it only seemed right to have Tony Campos play on that song as well.

Tell us about the motivation behind SKUMLOVE’s most recent work Sinister Minister?

I wanted to improve from my first album (songs of Lust and Corrosion) which was more layered with Keyboards and Electronics with the guitars more behind them. This time I wanted to make a Rock album. I wrote most of the songs on bass and guitar. And when I collaborated with the band I pushed them in that direction. At the time I went back to listening to a lot of music that I use to love. Like Skrew, Monster Magnet, The Stooges, Killing Joke, Prong and Ministry. I always loved the marriage of Electronics and Guitars that the mid 90’s industrial metal movement brought.  But I always considered myself more Punk. I wanted a record that sounded like a full band. Not just my input.

This cyberpunk/rock/metal/industrial/filth genre SKUMLOVE claimed many years ago seems to have infected the underground rock scene since people first heard it. What was it like to have such positive feedback on previous work and do you think this new release will infect the population as quickly?

I am hoping to stir the pot again. Music seems so stale right now. Where is the rebelliousness the danger? For generations parents were horrified by what their children liked from Elvis to the Beetles to Punk and Metal bands Like Slayer and the Misfits. Now Parents are not frightened or cautious of what their kids are listening to because its like watered down rock songs with some wannabe Iron Maiden harmonies and boy band vocals with faint screeching growling. You use to be afraid if Fully tattooed kids in leather jackets, not they serve you lattes. Its so upside down Idiocracy come to life.

Tell us about the wildest night that you have had while touring?

There are too many and I wanna protect the guilty hahahahaha!

What’s next for SKUMLOVE and where do you hope to be by the end of 2016?

I wanna get this album out and get people moving. I want to stir it up a bit. Piss people off again. Play some great shows, and have fun doing it! Oh, and world domination.



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