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Stitched Up Heart

24 January 2015 No Comment

January-Cover-2015-SM(Written by Scott Schoenkopf, Photography by: Karen Mooreside)

Alecia “Mixi” Demner may be this cute diminutive young woman, but she is no push over which is reflected in the project that she formed in 2010, Stitched Up Heart. She takes the reigns and as is common in any industry, who she is in her “business” isn’t reflective of her as a person or the performer.

Since the formation of Stitched Up Heart, they have toured extensively, most recently in the fall of 2014, but are in the midst of their longest layoff as they prepare to hit the studio for the recording and production of their follow up album to “Skeleton Key.” There is no set timetable but Mixi anticipates a release in early summer 2015, as she tends to be a bit of a perfectionist and wants the best Stitched Up Heart to be presented to the fans at all times.

Mixi formed Stitched Up Heart in the aftermath of a not so desirable forced solo gig with Geffen Records as a result of her winning a Fuse TV reality show, Redemption Song in 2008. Mixi prefers to be fronting a band and only did a single and video for Geffen. If you haven’t heard Mixi and her band which is comprised of James Decker on drums, Meritt Goodwin on bass, Luke Man on guitar (and are currently in discussion about adding a second guitarist) they are far from the pop princess that Geffen wanted her to be. Being female fronted post-hardcore with metal influences, they draw some obvious comparisons to Paramore or Flyleaf, but also In This Moment, which Mixi more than welcomes. Aside from Mixi’s admiration of Maria Brink and her desire to grope her boobs, as she has become more aware of ITM and Maria’s passion for perfection in the music as well as performance, she sees where the comparison is relished. While ITM and Maria’s stage show is a lot of production, Mixi attacks the performance from a different angle; examining the stage beforehand to see what she can jump off of and how she can make her performance as exciting and energetic for the fans as for herself.

IMG_0097It is that passion and her outspokenness that some have used to label her as “difficult.” However, that label from Mixi’s perspective is also derivative of her being female and the sexist angle that in music a female being outspoken about opinion’s is different than a man. Stitched is her project that she formed and she is more than willing to assert some bit of control over the product of her creative outlet. I personally have known Mixi for several years and she is anything but difficult but is indeed more than willing to say what she thinks. If it lends credibility to the music then difficult is a label she will wear. When she and I spoke, to that point we talked about Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Dave is widely known, and correctly so, as one of the most genuine people in music, but don’t for a second think that he isn’t “difficult” when it comes to his passion.

Mixi writes all her own lyrics and Meritt writes the music, although there is a collaborative effort in that any member is free to bring in their ideas; however, Mixi knows the structure of what a Stitched Up Heart song is and tries to keep that structure. Moving forward after the release of the current album they are working on, which will be in tours and shows all over the country, they hope to be back in the studio by year’s end. Stitched Up Heart just keeps pushing forward with their signature brand of a mash up of post-hardcore, metal that is presented with incredible energy and relationship with their fans.


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