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Super Geek League

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Cover Photo by: Grib

Jesus, Where does one begin with this one? How’s an 8ft. Love demon grab you? Not enough you say, toss in a 90 year old perverted priest Berry McCockner blessing the crowd with gutted lake trout. Still not enough? Hair that appears to be on fire? Yep. Gyrating Sex machines in next to nothing? Enough confetti to leave a venue inches deep when the music has ended and the janitors breathe a heavy sigh. Toss in some ridiculously crazy 6 string bass action, a horn section, and guitars from hell and what begins to emerge is a new genre altogether. “Soul Metal.” Mastermind Floyd McFeely has orchestrated yet again another bastard child incarnation of musical genius and visual candy in a live performance that will leave you so completely asking yourself what just happened again and again. A Truck load of confetti? Check. A wall of sound so blatantly in your face the only choice is to submit to its power and control and dance around like a foolish little kid with Your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Like Nobody is watching. But we are all watching to see what SGL will have next. With its third and most compelling album set to drop later this month and a tour lining out that will span both coasts Starting at Toronto’s NXNE Music Festival. http://www.nxne.com/ We will be watching for the cops. This is where the party stops.

Soaring smooth gut wrenching vocals beseeching the listener to “donate your body to science” in such a compelling way I went home and immediately tried it. Guess what? It was awesome!
Sitting down with Super Geek League is insanity. Introducing some of the members of the band. Here are some exerpts.

Muffpumper, what strengths do you bring to the band? “I’m an all-a-holic. I do it all. I do some drinkin, I do some falling down. I flop my weiner around on stage.” So you were in the bathing suit with the saggy bottoms? “Yep that was me” My wife was horrified looking at the pictures when I was done editing and her words were, “What the Fuck?” Berry McCockner enters the room. Tell us about your childhood. ” I dont remember a lot of it, I think I was an adolescent for a long time and uhh. uuuh. I think i remember something about puberty, It was about 1874 and it involved a bucket full of whale oil and that’s when i really got attracted to the scent of the sea. And uhh, and uhh, I used to play with the seagulls that you find on the beaches. I would taunt them with the bones of an Albatross. Well at least that’s what i thought they were. They were clearly bird bones cuz that’s where I found them, Inside a bird. It was after that I started selling Doctor Feelgood balm remedy for a long period of time. But I drank it all and when I came to it was the 70’s. And pretty soon they ran me out of town.

PWord on the Bass. What does PWord Stand for? Pusstifer, Piss Shit, Pillow PoppinSvaggins, Bird Shit. Whatever you want it to mean really. Barbie Grinder, Gale Force, Dog Starver, Love Demon, Vy Agra, Lil D, Knuckles Schmidt and on and on it goes.

Super Geek League was started in 2001 as a studio project by founder and brainchild Floyd Mc Feely. Super Gee League or aka (SGL) was a culmination of 3 cosmic triggers that coincided to launch this project. The first was Mc Feely’s first online music
venture, The Tapeworm Collective, which was an online music collaboration site where musicians, DJs, experimentalists and noise engineers exchanged samples and music files to create new and interesting bodies of music. Out of these collaborations, Mc Feely spawned the idea of a studio project that allowed friends and colleagues to create their own superheroes, which McFeely in turn, wrote and composed songs based on these bizarre characters. The project produced 8 songs and characters that would lay the foundations of SGL ‘s original material and live theatrical productions. This project was appropriately called Super Geek League.

The second cosmic trigger was another venture founded and spearheaded by
McFeely which consisted of a band of guerilla prankster clowns known as The
Kookclub. Kookclub took the concept of clowning to entirely new level with planned
guerilla cultural jamming missions and public displays of total disarray and insanity
that eventually landed the troupe being featured on NBC’s Evening Magazine.
Kookclub was basically urban improv theater gone wild in the spirit of chaotic
engineering. Clowns gone wild.

The third and final trigger was the IDEAL Festival in France 2003. Mc Feely was
performing as the dancing Gorilla “Cecilcudpucker” in the DJ Mashup Multi-media
group The BranFLakes which landed a spot on the 2003 IDEAL festival in Nante
France where McFeely traveled with the group to perform in front of thousands of really
drunk French people. Smoking Hash and hanging with half naked Moroccan and
French beauties in a tricked out green room with the likes of Lydia Lunch and Sigue
Sigue Sputnik, Mc Feely caught the bug…

Upon returning from France, The BranFlakes asked McFeely if he would be interested
in providing main support for a local Seattle show This would be the candle that lit the
wick. Having being a long time musician, performer and artist, Mc Feely knew that all
he needed to do is create an entertaining spectacle and like flying bugs people would
flock. In a city where people just stood on stage and played the same old boring ass
music, Mc Feely strived to create something truly extraordinary and entertaining that
would completely trump and dominate all other “live” bands.

With 15 years of classical training, 12 years of writing, composing and recording music
with multiple projects in multiple genres, the urban theater and chaotic engineering
experience with the KookClub and the trip to France with the Bran Flakes put the
wheels of SGL into motion…

The very first live show of SGL consisted of McFeely singing karaoke off an iPod with
the support of an “air guitar” animal band and a stripping nun in a very small and
intimate audience. Due to its incredibly weird and unorthodox nature, the show
attracted the attention of local promoters who offered to bring the insanely weird show
to a real music venue. Knowing that he had a bigger venue, Mc Feely went to
overdrive putting together a real band to transpose and perform the original material to
coincide with installation of a 17′ full sized trampoline, a gaggle of strippers and a
bunch of hi flying clowns amongst many other things.

After the Neumos show, due to the chaotic and crazy nature of the show, which was
called “most fucked-up carnival from hell ever imagined.” – Megan Selling The Stranger. the entire band ended up quitting. So Mc Feely was forced to go out and rebuild starting with the host of performers in his troupe that had actual musical talent. As a result SGL found a bass player who in turn, brought along his alleged brother (who actually turned out were never related) Knuckles to try out as well. The only thing left was a drummer which McFeely found through a mutual friend.

Gil Chowder performed with the group for 1 practice at their horribly ghetto ass recording space in the SoDo and after 1 practice, Gil Chowder became the drummer of
SGL. With the new line up and members, SGL went into the studio to record its first demo “The Beginning” @ Electro-kitty which they followed up with a seers of performances. Then in the Fall of 2005, the bass player was arrested and thrown in jail the night before a gig leaving the now 3 piece to perform the entire show without a bass player. After the show, the band once again turned to its vast network of performers and to discover that the Contemplative Dwarf (The stage prop that sat in a wheelchair in a straightjacket and strength pulsating brain helmet) stepped up and offered his services as the new bass player. Mc Feely gave the young aspiring bass player 1 week to learn the material which he did and has been doing ever since. Gone from stage prop to Bass player, PWord had become the fourth pillar to the SGL rock machine.

After many local shows moving gear in a giant shopping cart and playing without
amps, in May of 2006 SGL got its first BIG break by being selected to play the Kevin
Says Stage for the NW leg of the tour. This sent a shockwave of excitement through the
entire SGL family putting the band on track to ramp up its production and line up so as
to come off as the most dominating live act on the tour. SGL had 3 months to prepare
new material which required new members to fill out the new and dramatically
improved sound and stage show which grew the troupe to 30 members including VJ
and resident electrical engineer/ performer James Thrush, Theremin player and local
eccentric celebrity Ben Exworthy and Confetti Canon engineer Face McMasters.
SGL was under the impression that Vans Warped Tour was in fact “Warped” and
founded in the fundamentals of Punk Rock, so SGL prepared thoroughly to unleash its
Masterpiece of destruction and chaos . On the first date of the tour in Boise ID, amidst
flying water balloons, pillows, twinkles, cup cakes, and 2 pound dead fish and insanely
raucous and enthusiastic pit, the power was turned off and security quickly and
promptly took over the stage cutting SGL’s set short..

After the chaos and confusion, McFeely was told that SGL had officially been kicked off Warped Tour. Fortunately, after serious negotiations and thrashings by the powers to be @ Vans decided to give SGL another shot on the next day and continue the tour under the condition that they clean up the Kevin Says stage, help pack it and set it up the following day @ the Gorge. SGL was back on Warped Tour!

The next day the manager of the Kevin Says stage produced a lift of rules for SGL to
explicitly follow which included “No live or dead animals, no fluids of any kind, no
FOOD etc.. So SGL complied and instead turned to Beach balls and confetti to shower
the audience along with its raucous musical and theatrical stage show. The show went
on and DOMINATED as planned despite set backs and on the third day in Portland
OR. , amidst being at the far ass end of the Meadowlands, SGL managed to parade
and coral a very large audience in front of its stage in preparation of the only ENCORE
show that day and maybe ever. This resulted in the bands first critically acclaimed
press coverage which Jason Simms from The Willamette claimed “Super Geek
LEague Saves Warped in Or July 16h http://localcut.wweek.com/2006/07/19/supergeek-
league-saves-warped-in-or-on-july-16/ With the new formed band and a tumultuous yet successful major tour under its belt, SGL hit the studios to records its first full length album called “Peppermint Rainbows” which was released in the spring of 07. SGL then hooked up with another local promoter who started consistently booking SGL to headline major Seattle venues . At this time, SGL acquired 2 new members who happened to catch the group @ Warped Tour. These new members were essentially deemed “G-Nomes” the official doeverything-we-ask-workhorses of SGL. Dogstarver and Muffpumper were added to the
line up and eventually grew and evolved to handle the ever-growing demand of producing and managing an SGL production which included Stage Management, Production, Costumes, Prop building in addition to their musical and theatrical responsibilities. SGL now had roadies and stage crew.

In the summer of 2008, SGL went through another metamorphosis after losing a
several key members of the band. SGL was back on the hiring path and at a random
meeting over dinner, McFeely met Vy Agra and they immediately hit it off. Vy Agra
assumed the role of lead vocalist after 1 rehearsal with the band. Vy Agra’s talent and
skills took the bands raucous and eclectic sound to brand new heights. Shortly there
after at some weird costume ball in Seattle, the winner of the costume contest,
Sunshine Applebeard, sent an email seeing if the insanely raucous and dramatically
oversized outfit was in need of a Trumpet player. Of course McFeely couldn’t resist and
so offered the young aspiring lad a try out! After one try out Sunshine Applebeard
became the bands first trumpet player.

As a result of SGL adding a trumpet player to join Knuckles on the trombone, SGL had
now formed a formidable horn section. Hearing word of this and under the influence of
a significant amount of libations, word got back to McFeely that members knew of
another trumpet player who became known as Sheesh the Mad Mandible. SGL now
had its “walls of Jericho” horn section to complete its EPIC ground breaking sound.
With the current line up, SGL was preparing a 2 hour off-broadway show to be
produced and released in New York which provided the material and momentum for
the band to produce its second full length album “Magic Castle Land” in the fall of 08.
Magic Castle Land was released in the spring of 09 which coincided with the tour of
with the Jim Rose Circus.

Now the only thing missing in McFeely’s vision was the “Cirque” element of the live
shows so McFeely sought after talented dancers and performers to add to add to their
core troupe. Through a referral form SGL’s resident Photographer and Graphic Artist
General Steve Dave Eader, local burlesque dancer Little Delight joined the group
along with Fuchsia Foxxx and Gale Force.

In the fall of 09, SGL scored another major headline gig @ the 2009 Erotic Exotic Ball in San Francisco @ the Cow Palace which again brought critical acclaim from the San Francisco Examiner which exclaimed: “Super GEek League steals the show…” http:// www.examiner.com/media-in-san-francisco/the-exotic-erotic-30th-annual-ball-attractsa-huge-crowd. SGL took this momentum into the winter of 2010 headlining the Bellingham Frontier Festival along with headlining spot @ the new Hard Rock in Seattle. In May of 2010, longtime performer and dancer Gale Force became SGL’s aerialist along with her other performer duties which only gave the troupe more a true “cirque” feel to coincide with its raucous and frenetic performance.

SGL was now officially a Sci Fi Punk Circus and the group began to brand and
promote itself as such landing major headlining gigs and festivals along the west coast including; Vau De Vire’s Bohemian Carnival in San Francisco, Sand By the Ton
Burning Man festival in Oakland California and the Portland Erotic Ball @ the Crystal
Ballroom to coincide with SGL’ own Sci Fi Punk Circus Tour.

In the summer of 2010, SGL landed 2 more major gigs headlining Major festivals
which were now booking the group to perform 2 hour sets! Mc Feely now had to go
and acquire and hire new talent to produce a 2 hour Sci Fi Punk Circus. Having grown tired and the burlesque scene since SGL had been doing it for so long and so many “bands” were starting to do it as well using the same acts and talent that SGL had been using, Mc Feely decided to look towards actual choreographers and trained dancers and through trial and error acquired Barbie Grinder who immediately gelled and jammed well with resident dancers Gale Force and Lil D. Barbie Grinders. In addition, Mc Feely added punk marital artists Indiyana to spin LED nun chucks, as well as professional fire and spinning artists. The group also acquired the talents and skills of local performing legend Just Sage as a stilt act and professional clown. The Sci Fi Punk Circus was ready and in full formation for total DOMINATION!

As the band headed into their next major event headlining the Erotic Exotic Ball in San Francisco for the 2nd straight year (which was cancelled day before the actual event) in addition to landing the headlining spot for the 2010 Portland Erotic Ball, SGL added local DJ and technical wizard Origami Disc Jockey, Audio engineer Topher and A/V and lighting tech specialist Tom Stahl. With the core performance troupe of Gale Force, Lil D, Barbie Grinder, Indiyana RaeVon and the SGL A/V team of James Thrush, Tom Stahl, Origami and Topher, SGL 3.0 is fully baked and ready to invade the planet! Currently, SGL is finishing their 3rd full length record that they are calling “Soul Metal” to brand the bands unique and revolutionary sound and will be performing in the 2011 NXNE showcase in Toronto in June.

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