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Tanya “Lady Fly” Volkova Interview

27 April 2020 No Comment

Tanya Live 1Tanya “Lady Fly” Volkova is an exceptional and world  class metal vocalist hailing from Kiev, Ukraine. She is known for her time in such bands New Line, Another Me and AIDA, Volkova has refined her craft to razor sharpness and is ready to expand her career globally.

Thank you for the opportunity for our readers and watchers to get to know you, First off can you tell me how long have you been singing and not just professionally?

Hello! I thank you for your attention. I will be happy to tell you about me. I loved to sing as a child. It has always been interesting to me. But I didn’t do it very often then. I can say that singing has become  important to me for the past 15 years. And a very important part of my life for the past 10 years. Today, it’s hard for me to imagine a life without singing.

Was anyone in your family involved in music? Or did they encourage you to sing?

My grandfather was a good musician and played the accordion and sang well. My father played the accordion too. Maybe it had a subconscious influence on me. My family did not encourage my singing and usually I did not do it for them. I loved to sing when no one was home.

Do you write any music for yourself or your bands?

I usually write lyrics and vocal lines. But I do not write instrumental music. Although I made a couple of songs for my first band when I played the guitar there.

Tanya Live 2Other than singing do you play any instruments?

Yes, a few years ago I really liked to play guitar all the time. And that was my passion before I started singing in bands.

In your country and city how is the music scene? Are there many bands? And are there many hard rock/Metal bands?

Yes, there is a wide variety of different bands, musicians and a lot of creative, talented  people here.

What inspires you to sing? World events? Politics? Life situations? Religious beliefs?

I get inspiration from working in a band. And I really like to work in a team. Joint activities, process, rehearsals, concerts, serious approach in music, songs that we get as a result that all always inspire me.

We saw your press release and we know who your management company are, they push there artists to go as far as they want to go, are you excited to be working with such a great management company?

Yes, thank you. I am very excited to work with MGI. This is definitely very important stage in my musical activity and I am ready for great changes.

Tanya Selfie 1Would you considering relocating to America to join or start a band?

Of course. I am the person who always moves with the band, no matter what and where it is. And I always do my best and even more. The main thing for me is a serious and like-minded  musicians. The rest is secondary.

How would you explain your style? You seem to have a bit of Metal meets Goth?

I call my style just Metal. There are a lot of different genres and styles now. I have worked  in a variety of them. And I know for sure, that when there are no restrictions in style, then you have more opportunities to create something special. And then people can tell what style it is. It seems to me that when a listener determines the style of a musician, it’s more correct.

Lastly, if you had to pick anyone to do a vocal collaboration with, who would it be with?

I really love this question.  If I could choose, I would love to choose Alexi Laiho and Corey Taylor. It’s really hard to choose, because there are so many talented singers nowadays. But those that I would choose if I could,  are very special to me.





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