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Wolfmeier Guitars Interview

28 March 2019 No Comment

GW 8Wolfmeier Guitars take our money already! When we first saw what this crazy dude is painting on instruments we knew we had to interview him. Nerd, punk, retro, pop culture it’s all done at Wolfmeier Guitars. Here’s WG’s head honcho Patrick Wolfmeier.

What is your musical background?

I started with trombone in middle School, evolved to guitar in high school and immediately started playing in bands and gigging. I Studied music education at Metropolitan State College of Denver and played in a semi-successful local band called This Side Up. After one record and a break-up I fronted a pop punk band called FOC. We played from about 2004 until 2013, playing with groups like, The Flobots, Tickle Me Pink, Single File and even Bassnectar believe it or not

What made you switch from playing in bands to creating guitar art?

I’ve actually been at this as a hobby since I was a teenager and have had a couple good series with some different artists, but artists are inconsistent and don’t believe in time. So I decided to venture on my own and do the entire process solo. In the last year I’ve devoted a lot more time and energy into my guitars, and have turned out some wild stuff so far.

How would you describe the type of art that you do to someone who thinks you’re nuts?

IMG_20190108_171139_587To each their own, haha, I feel like my projects span quite a wide range of tastes and purposes. I can add art to anything really so a regular player can convert his regular guitar into a spectacle worth seeing and talking about. I also create projects that overhaul any guitars I find that are already good players. The third is my non-working wall pieces. Not to sound sappy, but too many guitars are tossed aside once they can’t be played any longer, and I give those guitars new life. Not everyone can play guitar but most people love the guitar and what it represents. Fame, Fortune, freedom and the ability to speak to the world without any language barrier.

What are some of the biggest obstacles of what you do?

Not to get too sciencey but mostly time and space. Money of course is always a factor as well. As an adult I do work a full-time job, plumber by day rocker by night. Like any art you need your supplies mine is mostly spray paint, paint pens oh and lots and lots of guitars. And as far as work space goes, it is my quote-unquote hobby, so I create from home. I’m sure my kids will have bizarre memories of guitars and guitar parts littering most rooms in this house. Guitars on the kitchen table, guitars in the bathroom, guitars in every bedroom and every space possible. Believe it or not, in the winter time the bathroom makes for a great place for paint to cure on my projects

How do you decide what subject to paint next?

GW 18My creative process on this is pretty scatterbrained, but it usually falls into one of four categories. One is commission or a gift. Those guitars I really go out of my way to try and add a personal touch or something that the customer will really relate to. Definitely trying to get the wow factor for the recipient. Number two is trying to match a theme to a crazy guitar body style like using a warlock themed for Elvira or a dot or Casino hollow-body for my rancid tribute guitar (didn’t have a Gretch to paint). Number three is honoring bands and musicians that have inspired me in my life. And the fourth is theme in the guitar in some pop culture reference that I’m into or that helps me along my path in childhood.

What is the actual process of painting your pieces? And are they durable enough for performance or wall hanging only?

I start by completely disassembled in the guitar and then move on to sanding and body work. Then they are primed and painted with the background color. I then spend a ridiculous amount of time studying my subject looking at pictures watching movies, YouTube videos and even playing video games. Then once I’ve settled on the design and layout, I use paint markers to apply the designs and images. Then the guitars are clear coated for a durable finish. As for the second part of the question both. They are strong enough to gig with and beautiful enough to spice up some empty wall space

What have been some of your favorite creations and what ideas do you have lined up for the future?

IMG_20190205_192326_956I have a couple of favorites actually. I recently did a commission-based for a customer who wanted it themed after the Queen album News of the World. It turned out pretty killer, robot killing the band on the body and “We Will Rock You” up the neck. I was able to match the base paint from the album to the base paint on the base almost perfectly. I also recently freshened up a friend’s acoustic Bass by painting it fire engine red and doing a KISS theme. All four band member faces on the front as well as the classic KISS logo surrounded in flames, oh yeah and LED lights in the KISS logo as well as in the eyes of the band members, pretty ridiculous and unique. I’m a little secretive about future projects but I can say I have a guns and roses peace in the works as well as thinking of Stranger Things and Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”.

Do you take commissions? How does that work? Will you only paint on string instruments? Do you ship?

I definitely do commissioned work. I can paint on existing instruments for instance daily players gigging guitars campfire guitars etc. . I can also take commissions if you don’t own a guitar but not the type of body style and specs you want, and then it can be themed to your liking. I give a lot of different options as well, singular images on existing paint up to full body and neck visual overhaul. I paint lots of different stuff like guitars, ukuleles, violins, drums, drum heads and even a trombone. If you have something crazy you want themed Email me because I might just be interested in painting it. I give free estimates and come up with a finalized price before the project begins. I do require a deposit and most projects take about 4 to 6 weeks unless a rush is put on for an additional charge. I do ship at the customer’s expense. I’m also willing to take commissions from out-of-state customers if they are willing to ship the guitar here and have it shipped back all commission request should be emailed to wolfmeierguitars@gmail.com

You pull from a lot of different realms of the pop culture world. What are some of your favorite genres to cover in your art?

GW 13I would have to say my favorite genres are pop punk/Warped Tour bands and 80s pop culture. When I have a good frame of reference and good memories of a subject it makes the final product absolutely mesmerizing. I’ve already made guitars in tribute to New Found Glory and MXPX with plans for Less Than Jake and blink-182 on the horizon. As far as the 80s goes I’ve done a majority of my first series centered on 80s pop culture, movies music whatever is cool

As a musician are your chops still solid?

Oh hell yes. I play with friends on a weekly basis, as well as playing guitar with my dad whenever we get a chance I try to play guitar everyday

Will you be writing and performing any more original music?

I continue to write on a pretty regular basis. I have toyed with playing a couple of acoustic shows and maybe a crazy cover show with all of my musical friends. With my writing I’m leaning away from performance and looking to convert into pure songwriting. Offering up my tunes to bands in need of music or interested in what I’ve written.

What are your WG goals for 2019 and beyond?

IMG_20190124_151921_377My current goals for Wolfmeier Guitars this year are to build my audience across all of my social media platforms. To do as many commissions as possible and to continue to turn out pieces on a regular basis. More than anything I think I’d like to land commissions for touring bands and create some pieces as gifts for some of my favorite musicians and personalities, and have my art seen across the country.  Someday I hope to move my art from just a hobby to being able to make it professionally in my art career

If you have anything else you would like to add please do so.  

Please check out my Instagram and Facebook pages let me know what you think of my art. I also welcome any ideas and theme suggestions

Instagram @Wolfmeierguitars

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WolfmeierGuitarsnmore/

Email wolfmeierguitars@gmail.com

Website https://wolfmeierguitars.wixsite.com/guitarart


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