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A Shoreline Dream Interview

10 July 2018 No Comment

ASD HMM CoverA Shoreline Dream have returned from the haze with their original lineup to bring us some long awaited new tunes in the form of the freshly dropped Waitout single and EP with a concept video releasing very soon.  Here is vocalist Ryan Policky on all things Shoreline.

How did you decide to start collaborating together again to start recording the new EP Waitout?

It was at the perfect time…the perfect moment where we had been working basically as a duo, where Erik and myself were collaborating on new sketches, getting into the groove of a new batch of tracks we were composing. I’d finish up the songs with electronic percussion, doing everything I could to make the sound just oh-so-perfect. But it would take us time. We were kinda busy with our day lives, but knew we still had this album to finish that we had promised for years. We needed a kick in the pants to get this stuff out of us and I just felt a third member would bring us back up to speed and make us more accountable for finishing up what we had started. I had been working day life stuff with our original drummer Gabe, and after a few conversations we came to the conclusion we should try integrating each other into our musical lives again, and viola! A Shoreline Dream v.05 was reunited. We had been dying to make it happen, cause that first album of ours felt like total magic, and a lot of it had to do with the dynamics Gabe brought to the sound. Hell, it originally started as a duo of Gabe and myself remixing a song where the vibe of A Shoreline Dream was birthed to begin with, so why not rebirth it once more before we move on from this place?

How did you decide on the sound and vibe of your songs? Or was your sound a happy accident?

The sound and vibe has always been an accident. Or I guess you could call it a happy-go-lucky accident. There is this certain energy created when we all turn on our gear and break out the sticks. Most bands will say this exact same thing when it just works. We don’t talk; we just play. Well, we also hit record before we play. That’s where the vibe comes from. It’s from our internal clocks somehow aligning with each other. We were meant to try and make this crazy thing called music together, and I’m glad it turns out the way it does.

What kind of special guitar techniques do you use to enhance the songs?

I’m a big fan of using an external board for the most part, and mine is rather hefty right now. Lots of different sounds to tweak with and lots of ways to either bring more warmth and depth stereophonically or to throw everything down a well and limit the expanse. Most of the time I think the wider the sound, the better, and many times during production I’ll add harmonies to the guitar to give the listener more to discover. I do understand however that there is a fine line between adding dynamics and adding something that is impossible to pull off live, so I try to balance that as much as I can.

How did you push yourselves artistically and skillfully to be better in the studio for this album?

I think one advantage to giving new life on a song’s production has been throwing out presets and starting from scratch each and every time. Music for us isn’t using that certain tone or compressor that is hot right now, but more about the experience of building the track piece by piece – trying to visualize a musical concept. The fact that it’s in our hands – how this stuff sounds and how it’s generally perceived – is kind of amazing. It’s always a completely new learning curve each time I record anything, with the hopes of making it all feel right together. I guess that’s what keeps me going: bringing life to the world of music; giving people an alternative to what they are comfortable hearing.

What is the significance of the new EP’s name?

Waitout is truly about that idea that the world as a whole is so contemplative and seemingly waiting for something – either something completely horrible to happen, or for someone to give them that next brick to step on, one step at a time. Waiting for somebody to do something for them. Skirting through life and passing on without taking any responsibility and not displaying “too much” feeling. Waiting out for the end to come. It’s a weird place that we live in in this current information age. We’re boring ourselves to death, day after day. Week after week. It’s rather insane if you really sit and think about it. But wait, we don’t have time for that…hey, look! It’s a new pic on the endless stream of endless randomness!! It’s a tough time to live in if you’re at all wanting true human interaction – and that’s exactly what the name is all about.

asd_2018_01What was the song construction process like? What did you find to be the best formula?

The best formula is to never have a formula, but to have a passion. A passion to make a connection through music. I have always felt the deepest respect and empathy from the songwriters who have inspired me through the years. I felt I knew them, even if I didn’t know what they looked like. However we seem to make it, I just hope to have that same connection leak from our tunes into the tunes of the next generation – to have a commonality with weirdos such as ourselves, to experience a sound that changes our perceptions of reality.

How do you feel A Shoreline Dream differs from your other ongoing projects?

A Shoreline Dream is this magical place where I feel I can fully be myself without any restrictions. To sing about things that not be spoken of, and to let out the emotions and feelings I need to get out to continue moving forward. Music is my number one passion over all things and I just love the fact it has completely open borders. We’ve never been drained by business decisions, label BS, or corruption from anything outside of what we do. We just make what we love and make our own decisions at each and every step of the process.

Lyrically what subjects are you covering and why?

Lyrically I have always made my songs about human experience. My experience. Similar experiences to those around all of us. But my lyrics are usually completely motivated by current events in human culture – not political culture so to speak, but culture taking place around my current surroundings. Observations. Emotions. Tragedy and Hope. Things we all experience but don’t know how to put into words, and sometimes those words aren’t words. Sometimes those sounds and the way they are made create a tension, and that tension speaks far more words than can be written and understood. These current tracks for sure emulate this theory and if you ever truly understand them, maybe you’ll better understand yourself. Or something like that…

Waitout ThumbnailWhy did you choose Waitout to be your first single and video? Will there be more videos coming?

It was the first single and video because it’s the first true song with Gabe and it is a song we all feel is amazing. Pretty much in the same way that we thought “Love is a Ghost in America” was the best song we had ever written in our lives. We love this track and want to share it both audibly and visually. Plus, the video part of this is a story I have personally been writing over the past three years, and one which I’ve always wanted to make happen. At first it was to be a full length feature, but as I boiled it down it just felt perfect in a music video format. I can’t wait to share it. It’s the first sci-fi I’ve ever directed and shot, and right now as it’s going through editing I’m beyond excited of how it’s finally coming together!

Can we expect more from A Shoreline Dream or is this a one time situation?

Oh yes, there will be much more. We have this vinyl album to finalize, and we already have two more tracks in the works with Gabe. I’m dying to dive in some more once we get through the video.

What do you see coming next for ASD? And what are your plans for the rest of the year?

The big plans are to continue this album, and hopefully get back out there and play some live shows together again. I feel our own city has completely forgotten about us and I want to blow people away in the live setting with this new material.

Anything else you would like to add?

Keep in close contact with us on social spaces, streaming radio networks and at our label site latenightweeknight.com. There is a ton coming, and we are ready to open our massive doors to you all!





Photos by Mel Haynes Photography



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