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The L.A .based alt rock Evolove in their relatively short history have already scored major national exposure and success.   Their new EP Breaking Heartstrings drops on August 9th and will be supported by a ridiculous North American touring schedule.  Here’s what Evolove vocalist Lucy Levinsohn had to say about life, love, music and what the heck a palindrome is:

How did the palindrome name for the band come about?  Who came up with the idea?

Lucy Levinsohn:  That would be me.  I had another band before this and that band had a really long name and I just felt like, “If I have another band the next band will have a really short name.”  which might not be the greatest thing to base your band name off of…but you know?…I did. (laughs)  So the last band was coming to an end and we were starting this new project and I was looking for a one word name and thenI got this idea that it would be so cool to have a name that was a palindrome.  So I just thought, thought, and thought and the first word that popped into my head was love.  Maybe because I’m a girl, I don’t know.  So I wrote it backwards and then forwards to see how it would look on paper and I really liked the way it looked on paper.  (laughs)  So I texted the guys in the band that I had an idea for a band name and everybody really liked it and here we are.

Your sound is described as alternative rock in media land but that’s way too damn broad of a term.  What name have you come up for it?

Lucy Levinsohn:  We started calling ourselves pop-core because there is definitely a pop element to what we do but there is also a heavy aspect to what we do with elements of hardcore mixed in with my vocals which are pop oriented.  So put it all into a little blender and that’s what we call it.  We get called all sorts of different things.  Each person will come up with a new name I guess.  I know bands don’t liked to be compared to other bands and be put into little boxes but I like what we were told from a radio person down at 98.7 and he called us Gwen Stefani meets AFI meets Rise Against.  I thought that was a really cool little combination.  I like that and I will go with that.

The new album Breaking Heartstrings drops in a couple of weeks.  What was it like putting it all together?

Lucy Levinsohn:  We are putting out and EP and the official street date is August 9th and it’s going to be distributed through Hot Topic and we are really excited because this Saturday night we have a huge record release party at Universal City Lot and their brand new stage.  I’m really excited because it’s brand new and totally state of the art and we are really glad to be able to do our record release there.

Okay, so what can everyone expect from this new album?

Lucy Levinsohn:   What can they expect?  They can expect a whole lot more rocking.  With the first EP we were just first starting out and just finding our sound.  We only had one guitar player at that time and we decided to add a second player and with that our sound evolved into something with even more edge to it and guitar driven.  I think that will be the first thing that people notice which is a lot more guitar work.   It’s real high energy.  Every one of our songs all compliment each other and still have their own feeling and it’s a really solid EP.  There’s five songs and we’re already discussing what we are going to do when we come back from tour because we already have new songs to record.  The recording process takes so much time and resources that by the time you are done you already have a whole new group of songs to put out to the world.

Did you work with any producers on this album?

Lucy Levinsohn:   Yes we did.  We worked with Michael Eisenstein and he was with the band Letters to Cleo.   I was introduced to him through another producer and it turned out to be a really really great match.  We were really excited to work with him and he was a cool guy.  He understood where we were coming from and he is a performer himself so he was really good at knowing how to talk with us and not at us.  We’re excited that all of our work is finally going to be exposed.  It’s been our little secret.  You get locked up in a little room for so long you’re excited when you can get out.  (laughs)  It’s funny because on recording day one everyone is like really stoked and then you start getting into the middle of it and then I compare it to open heart surgery because all the parts are out on the table and for a minute you’re not sure you’re going to get it all back together and then at the end it all comes back together in this beautiful neat little package and you’re like, “Wow!”  But there’s always a part in the middle where I am like, “Oh my gosh where are we?”

So you have a killer tour coming up.  How did that all come together?

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Lucy Levinsohn:  We’re really excited about the upcoming tour.  We’re really good friends with the guys in Gemini Syndrome who have been doing some hardcore touring and they introduced us to their booking agent and we hooked up with all of them.   We came up with this idea of touring together and I had already been talking with Stitched Up Heart and it all just kind of came together and it all made sense.  So we’re traveling with Stitched Up Heart for the entire Breaking Heartstrings Tour and then halfway through our tour it collides with Gemini Syndrome’s and then we are going to join onto the Reinforcement Tour.   Then it will be all three of us traveling and that’s when the real hell is going to break loose.

Interview by: Groovey

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