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Reggae Superstar Chris Rudd Interview

13 May 2020 No Comment

Chris Rudd CoverOur featured cover artist for May is world renowned reggae superstar Chris Rudd.  Chris Rudd’s resume is amazing to say the least.  His accomplishments include achieving over 3.5 million views on the popular site Worldstar, charted #1 on the ITunes reggae charts briefly beating Bob Marley and Stick figure, launched a clothing line related to his island music and is a Universal Music Group Distributed Artist. If that wasn’t impressive enough Chris plans to release over 40 music singles this year! Here is our interview with the phenomenal Chris Rudd.

1.     Chris Rudd, it is been a wild year for you tell us about what got you into music?
You know, first off let me thank you for the opportunity to tell my story. For me, and I say this respectfully, it was not what got me in to music but the fact that I love music. From a young age I used music to soothe myself. So, music became an immensely powerful healing energy in my life. I guess I wanted to create my own sounds for others and be able to share myself musically with them. Additionally, if I may be humble? I got into music because I wanted to be recognized. I wanted other people to see the value in my music! I guess I thought I would value myself more if other people valued my music. But I learned very quickly to value myself. Good music is the result of the musician believing in and valuing themselves. So, I became excited and energized, and I moved into that! That is how I started making music.
2.     Tell us about the latest developments with your career?
image3So, within the 6 last months I signed a distribution deal within In Grooves / Universal Music Group Distribution via the record label Hood and Associates! This motivated me and my manager , label executive DITCH from Hood and Associates. What we did is step back from the music projects and look at them from the outside in terms of what we needed to do to get from point A to point B. We looked at all the steps we need to take, and then we focused on the ones that were right in front of us. By doing that we were able to get through some extremely stressful times. We shot two music videos. We got together with a marketing firm as well as educated ourselves in the marketing arena. We put together some campaigns revolving around iTunes and Billboard. But we also focused intensively on social media. Currently were releasing some more songs to increase the catalog, and we are looking into setting up some tour dates soon. Websites are all being built, and merchandise is being printed currently, and wait until you see it is fucking awesome! We are teaming up with promoters and talking about how we can deliver the best possible performance and show for our fans. We want to draw our fans in and make them part of our family. And we are going to do everything to give them the best possible show.
3.     We hear you make all pieces of your songs yourself, tell us about that process?
That is correct to a certain extent. Initially when I record, I play the drums the bass the guitar all the instruments. Then myself and Tom Weir (Grammy award winning sound engineer) sit down and paste it all together in Pro Tools. After that, I will say you know, we could use a little bit better guitar on this part in this part so will get a professional musician to come and make it a little bit better. Once we have it where we like it, and it is a head nodder, we do a final mix and master. But that’s Tom Weir ‘s department, he’s an amazing sound engineer and I would ask him. Tom is somebody everyone should work with at least one time.
4.     What brand of instruments do you like to use, we do a lot at NAMM, have you ever been to a NAMM show?
I like Dan Nguyen guitars of Saigon. You can cop a guitar for $300 but it sounds like a $70,000 Martin. I also like using older equipment such as a Hammond B3 or a Wurlitzer, perhaps a Yamaha baby grand piano. My favorite mic is the U-47. Two guitars that I would use would be a Gretsch or a Les Paul obviously putting those through a Marshall stack or perhaps some kind of Peavy. For the bass I like fretless, fret less bass is the only way to get the real sound out of the bass. Of course, you want great pickups with that and solid 1/4-inch input jack. For drums I like pearls, but I prefer Vater drumsticks. Vater drumsticks or perfectly balanced for better drumrolls and precision playing. Plus, they feel great in your hand, very crafty genuinely nice stick.
5.     Recently you signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Group/ In Grooves via Hood and Associates, tell us more about that?
image6So, in December of last year I made friends with Ditch (Weston “Ditch” Frey) who was on the cover of the magazine in 2011. The funny thing is I had met DITCH before I had a couple of red-carpet events but never really asked what he did until recently. DITCH told me that he ran a record label and immediately I was interested. I was curious what it took to run a label on how labels operate. To make a long story short DITCH gave me distribution through his label and that is how I got associated with Hood And Associates.
6.     Tell us your future for your music and your movement in reggae as a whole?
My plans right now musically for the future or to bring people together and make them happy. Love is all I must give and so I am going to give as much love as I can through my music. I know that sounds cheesy but when you think about it is true.
7.     We hear you want to help clean up the world’s oceans and using your platform for that, what are your plans to help with your fan base and ocean cleanup?
Yeah that is so true I would like to throw a couple of beach cleanup parties with my fans, additionally we are going to take a dollar of every ticket and donate it to ocean clean up. Right now, though there’s going to be some serious necessities for people because of the coronavirus , so we are looking into how we can help with that. So, I think we are going to switch temporarily to every dollar a ticket goes towards a coronavirus foundation to help people recover from this outbreak. I think it is apparent to everybody that we got to stick together and help each other.
8.     Ditch was on our 2011 cover at a high point in his career, how is it working with Ditch now that he has branched into a record label music mogul?
I am warning you guys DITCH might be an alien, like the one from men in black. I am just kidding I love DITCH; we get along so well in fact we have already shot two music videos with him directing and made several moves in the music industry already. He is a cool cat and smart too. I would like to call him up and annoy his ass sometimes. In all seriousness, he is a good dude, very professional and a great executive. He is smart and makes good decisions musically and he has a great ear. I will work with DITCH any day of the week.
9.     What does Chris Rudd bring to the stage at his live shows that sets you apart from other bands in your genre such as: Slightly Stooped, Pepper, Revelation, J Boog?
There are several things. First off, we work harder, and we practice longer so that our band sounds like the record. All our equipment is top notch, and we make sure that our vocals are on point. We get a good mix before the show so that it sounds great for our audience. We include a lot of special effects in our shows, and we also have more bandmembers and musical instruments on stage to give the audience a great experience and a great sound. We have the best lighting. We are just a level up because that is what we wanted to be. And finally, we give the fans a show they talk about for a long time after they went. That has what makes us different were the real deal and we are here for the music and the fans.
10.What are some musical inspirations you had growing up?
image2My musical inspirations were Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, The Beatles, Oasis, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and pretty much everyone coming out of the 80s!
11.What got you into music to begin with?
What got me in the music is the fact that music is very soothing. During coronavirus when I am freaking out, if I put a song on, I immediately calm down. When I was a baby, I was premature, and my mom was like only 15 so I was abandoned and that is how I soothed myself was with music.
12.Do you have any touring plans soon?
Oh, you want to talk about touring, let us just say there’s something major in the works, but I can’t tell you everything right now, because there’s a lot of cool stuff we don’t want to reveal. But I can tell you it is going to be awesome and you are not goanna want to miss this.
13.Your music videos are more like films then typical music videos, tell us more about these and the process behind them?
So, the reason the music videos are like films is because I love movies and I went to film school at age 18. I graduated and moved to LA and work in the film in the street for a bit. A lot of production goes into these videos! We know what we are doing, and we want to deliver for our fans. When ditch and I do a music videos we spend over 120 hours in the production of it and a lot of time on set to get it all right. We also invite a few famous friends down to make it even more fun.
14   I see you guys like to pull pranks and practical jokes on each other, tell us more about some of the onset fun?
The practical joke thing, that is all DITCH. You never know when he is goanna prank someone. He makes me nervous. He reminds me of Mel Gibson when he used to do the same on set. So far Ditch has smashed a pricey collector guitar, broke a bottle on my head (in all fairness it was a response to me doing that to him), got a fake pimp glass to fool Kevin Young a tattoo artist good friend of ours that his was broken, and many other on set pranks. Videos of those are up online now.
15   What are some of your favorite movies?
Favorite movies are Casino, Shawshank redemption, Blow, that is the future by Drake, Eddie and the cruisers, The doors among many others.
16   What is your favorite song of all time?
What the fuck favorite song of all time. Can anybody have just one, that’s like an impossible question to answer. But I will tell you that I like most of Tom Petty stuff, and most of Bob Marley stuff!
17   Where do you expect to be in 5 years with all of this?
In five years, I would hope that we are where God wants us to be. We will be on top and will be big I know that, to what extent I can only imagine. But I can guarantee you this, you are going to want to come and see us!
     18. We see that you are currently doing large numbers on WordStar, Spotify and that you have topped the I tune charts, tell us more about all of that?
Yeah that is the cool thing we are topping out on world star and iTunes without really having much of a fan base. We just started last November and December so we are doing well in such a short amount of time which means that people must really love our songs.
19. You are a world traveler tell us about some of your adventures?
Man traveling the world is one of the best things that you can do. It is a phenomenal experience, it is a beautiful experience, and I have made so many friends doing it. I would encourage anyone to travel as much as they can. As for me I have been all over Southeast Asia, Europe and most of America. It is all been a blast! I will tell you one thing I do know a lot of songs come out those types of experiences and if you want to be a good musician being a world traveler is a must!
20. What else in closing do we need to know about Chris Rudd and what can people look out for, where can they find you?
You can find us on www.chrisruddband.com
Facebook official Chris Rudd
@ruddMusic35 on Instagram
And anywhere music is sold! That means like Spotify, I Tunes, I Heart Radio, Pandora, Tidal,

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