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The Mercury Arc Paint The Sun Black

30 April 2010 2 Comments

The Mercury Arc from Germany are kicking serious global ass right now with their amazing new CD Paint The Sun Black. There’s nu-metal and then there’s the need breed of hyper nu-metal which The Mercury Arc are at the bleeding edge of. Do yourself a favor and type in “Evil Echo” in our search bar and watch their music video on Hollywoodmusic.tv to get a feel of how powerful the Paint The Sun Black CD is. Very recently I had the supremely cool opportunity to do an international video chat with Thomas Helton and Benny Richter from The Mercury Arc. Here’s the goods:

HMM: The Mercury Arc is a cool band name. Where did you guys come up with it?

Thomas: We were looking for a name and actually were thinking of strong words that represent what we are doing and in the end I like the word mercury because we are Queen fans. So actually to give a little reminder of Freddie Mercury and a mercury arc is a kind of apparatus that has something to do with physics and scientific stuff and we thought it just sounded cool. Bringing mercury into the name and having something that nobody really knows what it is but it sounds cool that is what it’s all about! (Laughter)

Benny: I didn’t know about that stuff. I just chose the name because of the reference to Freddie Mercury. (More laughter) But that sounds pretty interesting.

HMM: What’s the scoop on the new album Paint The Sun Black?

Benny: It came out last year in October or November I think?

Thomas: It was a big day for us and we celebrated with a lot of beers so we can’t remember the actual date. (laughter). But it was fun! Another thing about the album is that we’ve all played in different bands playing different kinds of music and what we found out over the years is that we all share the same taste in music. So we wanted to record an album which we as listeners would want to listen to because it represents what we like in music. So Benny as a keyboarder and me as a DJ and sample artist…

Benny: It’s interesting by the way that we are representing our metal band and he’s the sample artist and I’m the keyboarder (laughter) We have a guitar player, bass player, and drums…

Thomas: And singer too! (laughter) They aren’t here from a lack of interest just a lack of time. Well the thing about the music is that we wanted to create something new and original and something we would want to listen to. We all like metalcore kind of stuff and nu-metal like Slipknot. We just threw it all together and Benny has his own studio here so we had time to try things out and experiment with it. There are so many bands out there who are trying to sound pretty much alike. We didn’t want to throw out just another metalcore album so we put a lot of electronics in it; we put harmonies in it, which we missed a little bit in other bands. I think that’s what it’s all about. You create a band to make the music that you want to hear. And that’s what we did.

HMM: The new single is “Evil Echo”. How did that song come about?

Benny: These songs are just like happening I guess. We don’t really think about what kind of song we wanna do. We definitely wanted some sort of hip hop artist involved.

Thomas: Because everybody hates it we were convinced to have a rapper on our album. It’s like if you’re a metal band you can’t have a gangster rapper on your album because it’s not cool so we decided, “We want that.” Just to prove everyone wrong or at least piss them off. So Benny wrote the song and then we all worked together putting our different influences and instruments in it. Then we thought because it has a little bit of hip hop and nu-metal approach we thought it would be cool to get our friend Leon, the rapper, on it and just go all out and all the way and make it a nu-metal song with a hip hop artist in it.

HMM: What kinds of touring plans are you working on to support Paint The Sun Black?

Benny: We just came from a tour of all Germany, Switzerland, and Austria with a really cool band called The Sorrow. That was great. We lost now our drummer because he has a heart defect. He got surgery but this went not wrong but not that good. We have a stand in drummer right now and are ready to play but we don’t have a tour planned but we are playing concerts every weekend.

Thomas: The guys from our record company they do a great job for us. Armin,that’s our boss and he always works out great stuff for us. Hellfest Records, that’s the label, are doing a really really great job and I think they will hook us up and get a tour for us. Like last time Armin worked his ass off to get us on this last tour because we are not that big of a name out here and he still made it happen. He put us on a 3 week tour of Europe on a big tour bus and it was brilliant. We believe he will make that happen again.

HMM: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Thomas: Thank you very much for listening to our music, thank you for all your support and for all your feedback that you give us on Myspace and Facebook. These kinds of platforms made it possible that people in the States get to know our music and videos and stuff. We are very grateful to anyone who writes us a comment in email and we answer everything we get.



  • DjButterflyCuts said:

    Hey Steve, thanks for having us on the cover! Awesome job!!!
    And hey Groovey, thanks for the brilliant Interview, mate…
    Cheers, Tommy

  • Reload77 said:

    Nice to hear about a band that is from over seas.
    keep kick’n’ @$$ Groovey! You always bring the good stuff.

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