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Warped Tour 2010

31 May 2010 2 Comments

The Vans Warped Tour has got to be one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. It is a literal army of bands and support crew touring all over America from June to August bringing the very best in punk, hardcore, metal and indie bands right to their crazed fans local mega-venue. The sheer number of bands that play in one day is ludicrous and the variety of acts is incredible. Especially this year for Vans Warped Tour Twenty Ten: There’s old school (Angry Samoans, GBH, Dickies, and more), new school (Alesana, Breathe Carolina, NeverShoutNever, and more) and the big names like Sum 41, Pennywise, Dropkick Murphy’s, The All American Rejects and way way more. The list of bands playing this year’s Warped Tour on the different dates takes 15 spins of the wheel on my mouse to make it from After Midnight Project to You Me At Six on the VWT website. Try it. You’ll see. The line up at VWT 2010 is a juggernaut of awesome and there’s only one media outlet out there crazy enough to cover it Hollywood Music TV style. And to make things even more interesting….this year it’s a HMTV VJ battle of the sexes showdown! Franki Doll vs Dirty Dave!

“Me and Franki are going to be covering Warped this year for Hollywood Music TV and it’s going to be the best year yet by far,” said Dirty Dave. “I just left a photo shoot for the HMM Warped cover and it was with a bunch of hot chicks so things are already going great and the tour hasn’t even started yet!” (Laughter.)

Franki Doll had this to say, “Warped Tour started with Kevin Lyman and everybody kind of watches Kevin Lyman for what’s the next big thing. I like the fact that I get to go to Warped Tour and see a lot of bands I normally wouldn’t get the chance to see together all for one price and I get to pick and choose. You’re never bored at Warped. I love it and it gives a lot of bands the chance to tour who normally wouldn’t be able to.”

Only at the Vans Warped Tour could there be such a diversity of styles of music on all the different stages. You have The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band playing the same tour as The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Bouncing Souls on the list as well as Fear, and new comers Speakeasy Tiger with all time favorites like Reel Big Fish. With all the details it takes to run this tour I am always impressed with how smoothly the shows go. The sound is great, the bands are totally amped to be playing, there’s tons of stuff to do, and the crowds are enormous! The best crowd surfing happens at VWT for sure.

“Every Time I Die? Yeah. They’re one of those bands that everything seems to change from album to album and I love it.” Said Franki Doll on which were some of the bands she was most stoked for. “You can’t go wrong with Face To Face. They are just one of those bands that will never die. And how about Jack Grisham and the West Coast Dukes? We know Jack Grisham sings for TSOL and I’d like to know where this came from. They don’t even have a photo up yet. That’s pretty cool.”

“I’m stoked to get down there to Warped with Hollywood Music TV,” Dirty Dave said. “Kevin Lyman is in full support of us and it’s great that he lets us go down there every year. The Warped Tour has changed a lot over the last few years from where it used to be with its punk background but it seems like the bands are still having a lot of fun on it and being treated really nice. We at Hollywood Music TV have always been treated really nice at Warped and I look forward to it every single summer.”

The Vans Warped Tour is shaping up (as always) to be the concert tour of the summer. It’s huge, it’s awesome, and it’s filled with so much tunage that everyone from the young electronic poppers to the old school (or just plain old) punks can get their live music fix.

Now as to who is going the win the HMTV VJ battle of sexes between the always dangerous Dirty Dave and the very talented Franki Doll? Neither competitor would comment except to say, “Just keep your eye on HollywoodMusic.tv because when it goes down at the Vans Warped Tour Twenty Ten it’s going to be one for the record books.”

Ps. My money is on Franki. Don’t tell Dirty Dave. Hahahaha!

By Groovey

Special thanks on the cover to Photographer: Adam Petrasek, and from left to right Franki Doll, Dirty Dave, Kiki, Ashley & Breanna


  • Grib said:

    groovy as always…
    awesome job.
    looking forward to getting some great pieces this year…

  • Groovey (author) said:

    Thanks Grib. I very much appreciate that. Cheers!

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