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German Electronic/Synthpop Duo SEA OF SIN Present the Release Of Their New Single, “Valentine”

7 March 2020 No Comment


March 8, 2020 – German Electronic/Synthpop Duo SEA OF SIN present the release of their new single, “Valentine.”  The lyrics of “Valentine” reflect a melancholic mood and deep emotions covering a broken relationship and love story.

“But then came the rain to take it all away
Valentine, there was a time
Between you and me
I thought that you were mine”

For fans of:  New Order, Depeche Mode & Camouflage

Check out the video for “Valentine” HERE:


“Valentine” is already the 5th Single to be released from last year’s successful album Unbroken.  The previous releases all received very good feedback from both fans and media and reached top 10-placements in both German Electronic Webcharts”(GEWC) and German Alternative Charts”(DAC).

If you have not listened to SEA OF SIN so far, then “Valentine” will hopefully grab your attention and provide a pleasant introduction to the band as it contains the typical band ingredients that form their sound; catchy melodies and choruses embedded in melancholic & electronic soundscapes.  SEA OF SIN‘s music can be best described as Synthpop or Electronic Indiepop.




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