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Joyce Reynolds Completes Her Latest Novel “Slave Heart”

3 August 2020 No Comment

unnamed (4)With prose as gripping and intelligent as any of the top bestselling authors on the New York Times Best Seller list the prolific Joyce Reynolds has crafted her latest masterwork “Slave Heart”. “Slave Heart” while based in the most solid of harsh realities is bathed in the spiritual and supernatural mysteries that will engage the reader and elevate the story to sincere levels of intensity.

At the core of “Slave Heart” the question the reader is lead to explore is, “What if you in the next life are the person in need you just ignored or abused in this life and had to face that reality from the other side of the coin?” Joyce Reynolds, “Life isn’t really fair that little kid is starving and this other person is living in a mansion. But then I thought about it and maybe life is fair. That you come back and you become the person that you ignored in the last round and you come back and learn from that different point of view.”
Joyce Reynolds has been writing for most of her life and has self-published several works. “The first one I published was about a woman who had cancer. She goes to England and it’s all green and the food is green and the power of the mind is for healing and that’s what that one is about. Then I wrote one in 2017 that was about my dad. So when he was dying he told me all these stories about his family that I never knew before like about his great grandfather how he came to America on a ship at 14 years old and about the lushness of the land and growing up in that time. It’s called “The Story of Reynolds Mountain: The Run”. If you read the book you’ll see why it’s called “The Run”. The great grandfather ran from England, my grandma who lived on that property she always wanted to leave the hills of West Virginia she wanted to run somewhere, and it ends with my niece running a marathon for cancer liberating herself from all the running of the past.”
Shawn Barusch, “Well I must say I’ve been around writers since I was young and Joyce has the goods, mixing mystery, spiritual and thinking writer’s stories to make the reader feel like they are involved deep in her story. To me this is a rare gift and I am sure her readers will be enamored in her writings.”

Currently Joyce is expanding into screenplay writing and developing those into short films as well as crafting new short stories for the her fans old and new to enjoy.

 “Slave Heart” available now! Expect to see Joyce’s short films landing in film fests and Amazon Prime in the near future.
“Slave Heart” can be purchased here:
Hard Copy

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