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Paul of Slipknot R.I.P.

24 May 2010 One Comment

In the last few weeks the metal world has had the tragic passing of Peter Steele, Ronnie James Dio and now sadly Paul Gray, Slipknot Bassist, also known as #2, at the age of 38, in the town of Urbandale, Iowa.

There have been shrouds of questions as to where the style of Gray and his Slipknot band mates creations fall in musical influence or style. As a whole Slipknot’s appeal can’t be questioned.

A fan of their music, style, image and wanting to see them live for some time, that chance came at Mayhem Festival 2008, where Slipknot turned in the live performance I anticipated. That performance was a pre-cursor for their #1 selling album All Hope Is Gone.

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For many years, the masks that have symbolized the band, created quite a stir as to their meaning or purpose; and in the same vein as KISS and their make-up, the mystery surrounding each member’s face was a source of hype. Paul Gray, one of the original founding members of the 9 member band, was “unmasked,” in a less than paparazzi moment via mug shot after 2003 arrest.

The details surrounding Gray’s death have not been released. Running rampant on Social Networking sites is the speculation that there were drugs involved; however, the cause of death has not been determined making it all speculation or guess work. Please stay tuned to Hollywood Music as the story develops for accurate information. Regardless of the cause, it is heart breaking news even moreso since, at the time of his passing, Gray and his wife were expecting a child.

In any event, it has been a sad month in the music world. HMM passes along thoughts and condolences for the family, friends and fans of Paul Gray and Slipknot.

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  • Grib said:

    absolutely gut wrenchingly heartbreaking in every way.

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