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***PRESS RELEASE*** Downfall 2012 Release New Video “Take Control”

2 November 2018 No Comment

Daniel Gil ~ Vocals and Guitar
Boo Rogers ~ Bass and Vocals
Casey Bowen ~ Drums and Vocals
Downfall 2012, the three piece band hailing from Houston, Texas are pleased to announce the release their first video “Take Control”, a single off their upcoming album, “We Welcome The Pain”.   
“Take Control” is about indulging in the forbidden fruit, to let go of inhibitions and reservations stressed to you by your social system, and engrained in you from the beginning of your conscious life.  “Take Control” encourages you to surrender to your darkest desires while still recognizing the importance of a balance between regular every day functionality and private decadence. Life is short. We should enjoy our time here.  What may be “darkness” or “sinful” to many could be a liberating light to others.  “Show me all the darkness I was born to see..I belong to you now take control of me”.  Surrender to your urges.  Let yourself find joy in the taboo.  But find the balance too.  Over indulgence can be just as harmful as complete abstinence.   Take control!  
*A word of caution, there is bare skin and bdsm imagery ahead.  If this will offend you  do not watch…..(now you really want to watch)   We want to thank everyone involved, we had a great week working on this.
“Take Control”
Thank you for supporting Downfall 2012
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