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Nadia Guardado

Name: Nadia Guardado

Position: Contributing Writer/Photographer

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Musical Genre’s: Rock, Metal, Alternative and Everything in between.

Beside: Music Promoter


Touring merch girl, photographer, journalist and body piercer, what else could you ask for? Born in Germany & raised in Los Angeles, Nadia is an experienced professional that knows how to get things done and have fun at the same time. She’s built her life around creating a image and reputation for herself in Hollywood. You can find her shooting local bands or putting holes in people at a tattoo shop.

Hollywood Music TV Photographer

If you would like me to cover your band or shoot your show contact me:




  • Green Man said:

    Nadia !! What’s up sweetie? This is so bad ass!! I just joined and I look forward to seeing this project grow.

    If there’s ever anything I can help with, you know all you have to do is ask and it’s done :)

    Love ya’

    Green Man

  • NadiaGuardado said:

    Thank you sweetheart!

  • Grib said:

    more more more…

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