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A New Way to Live Forever

29 January 2016 No Comment

IMG_1757A New Way to Live Forever (Who will be playing the Whiskey tonight with Orgy http://www.whiskyagogo.com/site/event/orgy-2/) came together in the South Florida music as many bands do globally; members of bands in the scene that have crossed paths or played shows together end up forming a new project.  Such is the case with Russ Rogers and Daniel Dyer of ANWTLF.  I ran into these guys at NAMM this year and after hearing so much about them as well as hearing them in rotation of the premier Southern California radio station, the World Famous KROQ; I looked forward to talking to them about music history, grid theories, their inspiration and all things ANWTLF.

Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist, Russ Rogers has one of those magical musical minds where there are constantly songs, music and lyrics filling his head.  Getting those ideas out is the first step, but also finding a group of musicians that can see his vision and not only make the vision come to light but enhance it with their input, talent and performance is what has brought  A New Way to Live Forever to a new level.  In addition to Rogers and Dyer (Guitar), Phil Tucciarone (Drums), Steve Velez (Bass) and Todd Evans (Guitar) have rounded out a line-up that brings this acumen to life.  Their soulful brand of rock much in the vein of Foo Fighters that is influenced by Prince as much as it is Nirvana or Radiohead has really caught the attention of listeners, media, musicians as they are set to release their EP titled “Monument” at their release show at the Whiskey a Go-Go on the Sunset Strip, January 29th sharing the stage with Orgy and Bobaflex.

When it comes to maybe sports or some other forms of entertainment, your shelf life is limited and the sports adage of they “have lost a step” as people get older may apply.  It is the opposite in music.  These guys are not in their 20’s trying to find themselves or what their music should be.  With age comes a more profound appreciation of the music that came before them and the understanding the pool of musical influence is greater today than at any other time in history.  Songs and songwriters are inspired by many different things and right now, by their own admission, the creativity for ANWTLF is overflowing and on a positive uptick.  They are at a place in life where the positive inspiration permeates through their music.

The fantastic guitar work, backed by bass and drum rhythm along with the soulful delivery of the lyrics by Rogers is what draws the Foo Fighter semblance.  They are not an imitation by any means, rather they have created their own identity with their music borne out of their own “grid theory” (which is a whole other discussion.)  You can hear some heavy influence in their earlier work of the post-Grunge bands of the 90’s and there are great melodies and hooks throughout, but no songs sound the same and it is obvious they have a great catalogue of inspiration and influence that spans decades.

If you are in Southern California this week, it is highly recommended that you come out to the Whiskey for the EP release show.  If you can’t make it to that, then go see them when they are in your area, as they have several tours in the works although nothing finalized.  Check them out on YouTube, Facebook, ReverbNation .  ANWTLF garnered a best music video award at the South Florida Music Awards for “Balloon.”  As they move forward, they will undoubtedly garner more accolades.  This is is a band on the rise and now I understand what all the fuss was about.




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