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11 January 2011 No Comment

In March of 2010 Hollywood Music Magazine broke the current project(s) of Randy Weitzel, including that of the ambitious project Three-Thirteen (3/13) that captured the essence of a musical scene that Weitzel was raised on. http://hollywoodmusicmagazine.com/whoshot/randy-weitzel-the-music-never-stops/

The excitement was growing as the project move forward quickly when abruptly things were put on hold…it was a matter of life and death.  Early June 12, 2010, Randy was rushed to the hospital.  The following are Randy’s words recanting the traumatic event at the time:

“The doctor who saved my life told me today that they have no idea what caused my throat to close but I was about 2 minutes from suffocating to death.

 I just remember sitting in my living room, my throat started to hurt, swell shut and a few hours later I’m surrounded by five doctors who where telling me that if the pipe that they are about to shove down my nose and into my lungs didn’t work, the alternatives were to either paralyze my lungs and let the machine breathe for me or perform an emergency tracheotomy on the spot. When they were shooting meds into my throat to numb my windpipe and sterilizing the area, I knew they were serious. After several panic attacks I made peace with death and took a deep breath, the tube went in, i started to suffocate and then I blacked out. When I came to, my hands a feet were strapped to the bed. A machine was breathing for me, and I was hoping that there wasn’t a big hole in my throat. Luckily there wasn’t but I couldn’t talk at all. and even though I was on a breathing machine and had a tube jammed down my nose and into my chest I still manage to get my wife to post something on face book because I had recording sessions booked….we had a good laugh about that today. Another scary thing was that they had to keep my heart rate down but with the amount of pain I was in the sedative levels were so high my breathing rate kept dropping to zero, yup Flatline. The problem with this is that when my breathing would flatline a buzzer would go off, i would get agitated, and my heart rate would increase and we were back to that original problem of stabilizing the heart. The solution was to unplug the alarm that was waking me, and my mother and wife would have to watch the monitor and remind me to breathe every few minutes for hours at a time. For 2 very long nights in a row this is how I slept.

 I’ve been on 5grams of Morphine, steroids, and a constant drip of antibiotics in IV form about every hour since Friday night. Now I’m on a steady dose of tablet antibiotics and vicodin. I’ve got some major recovering to do and I just need to rest. please keep the emails coming I’ll start coming out of this fog soon and hopefully will be up to contacting you in the next few days. As far as my Three Thirteen Album goes I was supposed to get into the studio this Sunday with Jimmy and Preston and do the drums but obviously I need to push it back and see where I am. Since this directly affected my vocal chords, lungs and throat, I have to be especially cautious about the process. I count my blessings every day, but now I know that every day really is a blessing. “


Randy was in the hospital for 6 days, but was completely incapacitated for weeks, especially his throat and vocal chords.  Even with the anxiety of if he would fully recover, he kept moving forward.  This horrific experience was only a delay for what we know about Randy; the music never stops. 

At the beginning of 2011, the 3/13 CD Package Deal from Hell was released.  The packaging alone is amazing; completely designed by Randy’s own Phantom Republic Music and Design it is worthy of collectors with artistry and graphics that combine so much of the imagery from the very era 3/13 captures musically.

The tunes are kick-ass, petal to the metal rock-n-roll.  With Randy on vox and guitar and Jimmy Schultz (Cerebellion, New Eden, Psychosis) on drums, Hector Gonzalez (Flatline, Cheva) playing bass on many tracks including “Full Tilt” and “City of Devils” for which they have already released a music video, there are also some guests.  Travis Johnson, current In This Moment bassist and former Flatline front man plays bass on the opening track “Blaster” and also “Deaths Head.”  “Dark of Yesterday” features In This Moment guitarist Chris Howorth playing lead and Howorth shares producing credit on the entire album with Weitzel.  This project turned out just as Weitzel envisioned and described to me a year ago when he told me about it.  He gathered some of L.A. metal’s finest and created the tribute to a musical era that he relied on for influence with enough essence of his own contribution to make it stand the test of time.

If you like rock-n-roll, which assuredly you do…unless you are licking a window on a short yellow bus; 3/13 Full Tilt is a must have for your library; for the tunes, for the artistry, for the collaboration and for the pure desire of Randy Weitzel to bring this all to you…even through such a horrific experience that he endured back in June that almost caused none of this to happen.  That drive is reflected in every bit of this release and everything associated with it.   Order it today!!!





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