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A New Way to Live Forever: Monument EP Review

10 July 2016 No Comment

Monument cover(By Umbrage Ghost) Overall Monument does well to really set the mood for its listeners. Having rock blended with soul/pop sound that sticks to its similar yet original songs. All of the tracks having their own unique characteristics, beats and sounds but each one still fitting in without straying away from the initial ‘sound’ of the album. Each track clearly has its own features that make it memorable and pleasant to listen to. From songs that have a softer intro, building up to the faster and stronger chorus, to melodies that seem to stay in the calmer and soothing tone.  The singer does well to sing most verses clearly with a lot of vocal tone that won’t get drowned out or become hard to understand. With compelling melodies that balance with the singer’s voice and lyrics that are meaningful and catchy this is definitely an album anyone could enjoy listening to.

Track 1: “Fall or Follow”

The first song on the album has a calming atmosphere. It is almost relaxing as it starts off with a slow instrumental tune that gradually builds up to the beginning vocals. The transition is blended well before turning over to its chorus, which has a faster and upbeat vibe, all while still maintaining its steady rhythm. The lyrics of the song are catchy and original, they add to the song’s deep and meaningful feeling. Overall I would give this song a high rating, being well written and performed tastefully.

Track 2: “Dream Away”

Similar to the first song, it has a more slowed down beat to it. It doesn’t have as much build up to its chorus but the song is engaging. It has a lifting mood with lyrics that make it pleasing to hear. Like the name of the song it has a “dreaming” or imaginary tone to it. I would personally give it a good rating because it does well to keep attention and is pleasing to listen to.

Track 3: Not This Time

This song starts up strong, with a slightly more electric kind of style, straying away from the slowed down vibe like the previous tracks. It is definitely one of the more exciting and engaging sounds on the album. The lyrics do more to tell a story behind the song, backed by the upbeat stronger vocals. Though not my favorite on the album it was still a well written song that is enjoyable for its mood.

Track 4: I Saw Stars

There is more ‘feeling’ to this song. There is a distinctive emotion behind the singer’s vocals that put more feeling into the lyrics. It creates a more heart-felt and thoughtful mindset for the listener. It has an almost darker feeling from the other songs with louder and more prominent instrumental areas. Despite the change in tone in this track I would still give it high rating having more of the emotion behind it.

Track 5: Leave It All Behind

There are plenty of meaningfulness to this track and its lyrics. It has an inspirational atmosphere and keeps a light and cheerful mood. It has more instrumental parts between vocals and frequently returns back to its chorus but it doesn’t take away from the overall likeness of the song. I would give it a good rating on its likeable melody and catchy lyrics.

Overall Score: 4 out of 5.

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