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Black Sabbath – 13 – CD Review

9 July 2013 No Comment

Black_Sabbath_13(By Scotty)  After hearing so many of my musician friends rave about Black Sabbath “13;” I had to check it out.  O.G. Black Sabbath is very personal for me, as that is where it all starts…the basis for my musical passion.  Sabbath with Ozzy is the beginning of metal for me.  I was always a KISS fan, Judas Priest, AC/DC, etc. but to hear Sabbath, it represented so much in the fear and the eeriness, the “scariness” that represented the message of metal.

“13” is Sabbath, the original formation and message.  It captures all the doom and gloom and evilness…the “Sabbathness” per se, both musically and lyrically as they did in “Paranoid” but with a contemporary progression of what they have achieved personally.  They are all legends for their work over the last 40 years and it is displayed wonderfully.  I am truly blown away at how they have captured the essence of the vibe they created 40 years ago.  Ozzy is Ozzy but shows how he has evolved to what we all know of him since being a 19 year old kid from Birmingham, set out to scare the shit out of people long ago.  He delivers the impending doom and fear as only Ozzy can.  Tony Iommi is a masterful riffer whose guitar work song after song is truly remarkable and cements himself as a true guitar hero.

It is disappointing that Bill Ward wasn’t a part of this due to contractual disagreements, but Brad Flick (RATM, AudioSlave) fills in admirably in the Sabbath vein.  Rick Rubin created his vision of what Sabbath is to him.  Kudos.  This is record is everything an original Sabbath record could and should be.  If you have any understanding, appreciation or respect for the history of brilliant music or metal; this is a must.


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