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Cerebellion “Inalienable”

28 June 2010 No Comment

Their musical influences run the gamut of metal, eclectic and alternative rock; however the product of Cerbellion (formerly Project1) is not borne out of those influences as much as is an organic manifestation of the band jamming and then overlaid by the lyrics of singer, Joe Arnold.

The recent release of their CD Inalienable is a demonstration of Cerbellion’s chemistry between its members; the synergy that can be created when a band works as one to produce a sound that isn’t confined by labels or genres.  Many times when listening to an album, the riffs or maybe the beats sound similar from song to song.  On Inalienable, you are presently surprised by the contrast of each track.  If not for the distinction of Arnold’s voice, you would question if this was one band or a compilation CD.

My personal favorite on this CD is 8-We Rise Again.  The song “Not the Final Destination” could just as easily appear on a great punk rock album, which is definitely not a knock.  The musicianship can be heard on every track with each standing out more on certain tracks than others, but more often than not each shining at different breaks within each song.  From acoustic to Flamenco the guitar work of John Arnold is great and the bass lines of Marc Battung are impressive.  Jimmy Schultz (Cheva, New Eden, Psychosis, 3/13) once again comes through showcasing his timekeeping skills that fits well with the music.  Together all these elements shell out some fantastic songs that vary in how you would classify them musically.  With that in mind, regardless of where your musical tastes lie, there is something here for you.

Influence that can be heard through the CD is the influx of TOOL.  While not with industrialization like Tool, the instrumentation with strong bass line underlying the crisp vocals of Joe Arnold and the layered arrangement of music makes you feel the influence in a harder setting.  In listening to this CD, it is apparent that Cerebellion doesn’t just write music, but they write songs and yes there is a difference.  If you are a metal fan that only likes the music of metal; the breakdowns, guitar riffs and solos etc., then Cerebellion may not be for you; however, if you want to hear a band that encompasses all those traits, yet still give you the lyrical message and feel of a complete song, the I urge you to pick up Cerebellion’s debut release.  For more info visit them at www.cerebellion1.com.   Their CD release party will be held at The Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest, CA  July 9, 2010.

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