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Jonny Craig “Album Review”

16 August 2010 One Comment

Two words – Jonny. Craig. The guy’s a legend and if you’ve yet to hear him sing you have been missing out.

From being ejected from bands to starting new ones – his distinct voice can be recognized world wide throughout the sound waves.

Though, Mr. Craig may not appear to be as lovable as he leads on, not one lyric of his isn’t backed up and weighed down to the ground with glorified soul and meaning. Craig gives all credit for his musical talent to his grandmother, who was super religious, and taught him everything he knows about music.

At the young age of 15, Craig began his singing career as the vocalist for a band named westerHALTS in 2001. Within a year he moved on to bigger and brighter things joining Ghost Runner on Third. After a 3 year run with Ghost Runner, Craig departed and began Dance Gavin Dance but unfortunately the front man folded after another short 2 year run. Within only 2 weeks of quitting however, he joined Emarosa who was left without a lead singer. To date, Craig is still surprisingly with the band and Emarosa will continue to rise – as will Isles & Glaciers – another American post-hardcore band of Craig’s composed of a group of his close friends and past band mates. The band consists of members from Emarosa, Cinematic Sunrise, The Receiving End of Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Underminded, and former members of Chiodos, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Dance Gavin Dance, Boys Night Out, and Fordirelifesake.

A Dream Is A Question You Don’t Know How To Answer”, Craig’s solo album, is completely different than any of his other musical works. It is a vocally-focused record with toned down instruments to give it a more ‘bedroom secret’ feel – the kind of music you can listen to alone and let your mind drift. The man’s got a story to tell and it’s clear that music is his form of expressing it. Craig sings about themes such as divorce in his song “Children of Divorce”, women and relationships, and he also brings about religion for he speaks of sins. He’s got a story to tell, and he tells it all.

The facts are simple. Jonny Craig is a damn good singer and doesn’t need any more than what he’s already got to get his angsty lyrics across. It’s amazing how well this album flows from one song to the next. With each song different, they all mash together giving Craig a unique sound and style. Though this is only his first solo album, it has recently been revealed that Craig will begin recording his second solo record later this year. In the meantime, best of luck to the man with his current bands [Emarosa and Isles & Glaciers]. Can’t wait ‘til the next one’s released.

Written by Jen Schenkel

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    Great review, Jen! WOOT!

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