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Kill Syndicate’s Bleed Your God CD

8 February 2010 5 Comments

I’m pretty sure Kill Syndicate keeps torture devices in their practice space and if any member of the band slips off the brutality perch he gets the medieval treatment. (“That was weak! Here, you sleep on the bed of chainsaws tonight!”) The Bleed Your God album by Kill Syndicate is an unholy pack of wicked shred filled metalcore and grindcore tunes with Suffer Eternal and Volition being my faves.

It’s a fairly well known fact that Kill Syndicate is one of playmate and uber model Jamie Jagger’s favorite bands. Not only because she says so but also because that’s her on the back of the Bleed Your God CD graphically “murdered”. Most models of her level don’t really enjoy pics of themselves with their necks snapped and their hotness splattered in blood. (You can wait all you want for my usual bad taste joke here, lord knows I have set it up, but I ain’t gonna do it. Nope. I don’t want my ass kicked by a super model. Wait…let me rethink that…)

Anyway, I’m not the only one who thinks Kill Syndicate is a grindcore power player. The Bleed Your God CD release party took place during the worst blizzard in decades. The National Guard was called out, people were huddled in government shelters, and everything for a hundred miles was shut down. But somehow several hundred Kill Syndicate fans survived the journey to the venue including Phil Demmel of Machine Head and enjoyed an amazing show. If Phil Demmel braves the planet Hoth to check out a band you know there’s a reason.

So, if you like your metalcore/grindcore served up on a platter of brutality that will probably make you forget your childhood then Bleed Your God is your poison. It is relentless in your skull destruction played out by some very talented and demented gentlemen.




  • killdave said:

    Word up! Great Band! Great review!

  • Sin Sin said:

    Nice to see a new kick ass band in the circuit!
    Killer freakin’ review!

  • Pig Slayer said:

    This band is sick as hell! Awesome write up.

  • Rev said:

    This band is amazing, and once again they will rip off your face at the bluebird the 28th of april! love em! come see em!

  • grizzly66 said:

    this is awesome to see a band that works as hard as they do to get a awesome review… hell yeah cant wait to see you guys on the 28th

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