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LIGHTS ventures into Siberia – unknown territory

3 October 2011 No Comment

In just a few short hours, the much-anticipated second album of LIGHTS will go live for sale. Have you already reserved your copy of Siberia? No? Quick. Go get it at midnight.

There is not a chance that you want to wait any longer than you have to to listen to this album. In fact, while you wait – watch LIGHTS’ single “Toes” on YouTube.

LIGHTS said it herself: It’s grit vs the cool gentle pop thing.

“It was fun and scary and I’ve never been so nervous to release something,” LIGHTS said in a phone interview on Friday.

I’m not usually a fan of electro (techno will instantly give me a headache) but somehow LIGHTS’ melodic voice cuts through the grit and delivers something relate-able.

A few weeks ago LIGHTS released “Everybody Breaks a Glass,” which she describes as “turning around pop songs on their rear ends.” She jammed this song out with Holy Fuck and Shad to create a song that has loud verses and quiet chorus and a totally epic bass drop in the bridge.

“Contrary to the way a lot of electro music is built, a lot of this music is played live,” LIGHTS said.

Second albums always have so much pressure and build up for the artists to show that they aren’t a one hit wonder. Don’t worry, LIGHTS, you’ve proven yourself.

“The process was really venturing into the unknown,” LIGHTS said.

After her album will be WILDLY accepted by fans, LIGHTS will embark on a tour starting October 14 to promote Siberia. She’ll be here in LA – one of her favorite cities to play for – November 7.

Second albums are an “opportunity to show yourself evolving and bringing something new to your fans. I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone.”

Get Excited.

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